Raid Defense Team

Thoughts on my lineup for raid defense? Should the order be rearranged?

Also, I just did a 10-pull of red, and ended up with Gormek, Kelile, and Scarlett. I just started leveling Gormek.

Finally, here is a list of my 4*+ heroes that haven’t been touched yet. Suggestions of where to start leveling them?

Merlin - Purple
Elkanen - Green
Kashhrek - Green
Melendor - Green
Skittleskull - Green
Gormek - Red (He’s actually 1x25)
Kelile - Red
Scarlett - Red

On top of those, I have a 3x60 Hu Tao.

Merlin definitely needs to go to max. You’ll want him for Events.
Since you have Tibs already, I would level Scarlett to max first, then Gormek and maybe Kelile.
I don’t really like Wu on defense, so I would probably switch him for Hu Tao, but I wouldn’t waste any materials ascending Hu any further. If you get Chao or Li Xiu, either would be an upgrade.
You’ll need a healer once you replace Hawkmoon with Scarlett, so level either Melendor or Kasshrek. Kash is a better tank, but only heals adjacent. Mel is squishy, but heals the whole party.

I’d shoot for Sonya (dispel), Tibs (defense debuff), Kash (heal, fire defense), Hu Tao (blind), Scarlett/Gormek/Kelile
You could also go with Sonya, Mel, Tibs, Hu, Scarlett/Gormek/Kelile in that order

Awesome, thanks for the advice! Using Hu Tao instead of Wu Kong makes a lot of sense. I never put 2 and 2 together in that, I’ve faced him on defense teams before, and he’s never really been much of a factor.

Also, and I probably should have put this in originally… I only have the materials to ascend a 4* to the 4th ascension level for 1 red and 1 yellow hero. I will save the mats for yellow and not spend them on Hu Tao, but of the 3 4* reds, I have, which one would you recommend doing the last ascension on?

Scarlett first. Her tile damage will really help against titans

Unless you pull Boldtusk. Then max him

Awesome, thanks for your help!!