Next yellow to ascend

I have Chao, Li Xiu and Hu Tao at 3/60. Can’t make decision which one better to ascend first.
Btw, I already have one fully ascended yellow. G. Jackal

If you need as tank or flank, defense, go Li Xiu 1st, if not then Chao is good for offense yellow stack, fast snipper with mana cut. Later you can use 1-2 puch with Jackal-Chao combo.
Goodluck :+1:


Thank you for advice.
Merry Christmas

Li, since she has a costume and will be useful even later combined with legendary heroes.

Hu and Chao are less useful in the long run.

I’ll simply put a +1 to this post. :+1:

I’d only ascend Li if you are in need of a yellow tank. In all other aspects of the game I personally prefer Chao over Li. :slight_smile:

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