Who next for emblems

I’m finally nearly finished putting my 1st set of emblems on 5* heroes.
My defence team is Kage+19, Zim+18, Aegir+18, Delilah+18 and Natalya+18.
Joon and Alasie are almost +18 aswell.
Other emblem classes are spread around 4*'s like Hansel, Rigard, Proteus, Jackal and Kiril.

Telluria is definitely getting paladin emblems.
I’ve no good 5* option for barbarian or sorcerer emblems.
Drake is my best option for monk emblems but if I get a Joon costume the 2nd Joon (I’ve one at 3.70 and the mats to max him) will get them instead.
My main query is whether to put fighter emblems on Kingston or Tyr. I’m leaning towards Kingston as I always use him when raiding with green but don’t use Tyr when raiding with red unless I go mono as Zim and Nat are so strong with their emblems and Grazul gets a lot of use aswell.
My other question is druid emblems on either Vela or Freya. Vela is maxed but Freya isnt as I’m waiting to see if I get Clarissa who would get the mats first if I did.
What are peoples thoughts?

I feel your pain on Barbarian, me neither, perhaps May will give us a GM

I’d go drake over a second Joon, just for variety

When you emblem him Tyr simply refuses to die. So that’s fun. I’ve not fought him much but haven’t found him threatening, more amusing. Kingston is a bigger threat, so probably King

For me Vela trumps Freya. You can use Vela anywhere with fast mana and a very nice special, including titans. Freya is more situational so I would probably go Vela


In my honest opinion, I would definitely go with Vela and Drake - 100% you will not be disappointed.
And emblems on Kingston- yes
But whatever you decide good luck

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Thank you if I get Kadilens costume which is almost overpowered she’d be a big consideration for druid emblems.
Two hits from emblemed Joon costumes would be almost goodnight for any hero but I dont have his costume and I do like Drake.
Tyr is very fun to use but you’re right Kingston is the more sensible choice.

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Yes agree on Kadilens costume. I have her on max +7 just waiting with fingers crossed that I get her costume

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Her and Elkanen have been sitting on 3.70 for me for two years. Their costumes are very good though if I get them and a few more tonics.
Seshat is definitely getting my ranger emblems but I’d be tempted with a costumed Lianna (I’ve two maxed) but I have to consider what I have more tgan what I might have.

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