Help with war team

Hello guys. Id like some help to build a solid war team.
I have an idea of which hero would fit better anyways id like to share my ideas with you and that you suggest me and that way i can learn.

Some general aspects.

My alliance use blue tank, however they give freedom to choose another color if you dont have a strong blue tank.

Saying that i will share my maxed heros.






My raid defense team is this.

And i have tought something like that for a blue tank Squad

What do you think ? I dont want to set a passive defense team. Neither a squishy one.

Thanks in advance

I think this one leaves you vulnerable to color stacking. I would have no problem going 3-2 against this team and using either 3 blues, 3 greens, or even purple or yellow. Generally for a defense I think rainbow tends to be best, or maybe one doubled color depending on strengths.

I freely admit that I’m not the best at team construction, but I would think something like:


I will not be offended if someone comes in and trashes that idea.


Im not close to be good neither but i really appreciate your answer. Then, when i have more i will have a clearer idea of what would fit better with my current roster


PD: I doubled some colors to have a more active team, with grimm and gormek being dangerous, and little john hitting hard

There’s definitely a trade off. For a war defense if you set up something that can be stacked against easily then the opposing team will have more options as they use their other heros. But having the defense able to hit back can be a positive.

One thing to remember, and is quoted in our alliance often, is that all defenses tend to suck (unless you have ursena or Finley, and even then they just tend to suck less)

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Another thing to highlight is that my alliance is not facing strong opponents.
There may be at least 3 or 4 at max enemies with 4k of power.
The others have at least a team power between 3 and 3,6k .
So , this will be my first war with them,and i know acording what i saw from past war that i will be facing people of my level more or less


It’s also not a bad idea to run something and see how it does.

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i have not mentioned something.
i have the option to use rigard costume. But in that case i dont know if using boldtusk makes sense

In my honest opinion, for raid defence and war team, it’s best to go rainbow.
From your roster, I would use Boldtusk as the Tank (unless you’re alliance runs with a co-ordinated colour tank).
You must max Rigard in his costume ASAP and put him in your best team.
For the other three heroes in your lineup try either Sonya or Grimm, Li Xiu and Little John
Good luck


thanks. Im close to finish Rigard costume!

Grimm Rigard costume Boldtusk Little John Li xiu

Is this team any good?

I have two attack boosters the bad and not an instant healer

Yes, I would try that as a starter for ten. You then have the option to swapping out Grimm for Sonya.
Other options for Tank position are Kashhrek, Li Xiu and Rigard.

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Might I just suggest not having the healers next to each other, because (a) splash damage can take both out at the same time and (b) it gives the opponent a two-lane passive tile sink at the start - neither of them do damage and if they fire before your team has taken damage it doesn’t matter. Then your opponent can happily charge his snipers and bash away at your wings.

I tucked Rigard on left wing last AW, and the enemy wasted 3 flags trying to winkle him out.

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But if you have Victor, Morgan and Valeria they suck in a good way :wink:

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…maybe… I’m not sure being drained of blood and becoming the undead is much of an improvement.

Guys i have finished Rigard costume . Do you suggest to use It instead normal Rigard ?

I was using Sonya for war as my mates use blue tank

Li xiu boldtusk Sonya gormek Rigard but normal

Yes use Rigard in costume

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