Holy hero ascension question

I have the necessary Mats to acsend a holy hero to max in the near future. I currently have Wu,Gretel,and Vivica at full ascension. My choices for full acsension are Rana,LiXiu,Justice,and Hu Tao. I also received G.Jackyl very recentley. Input would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance for any help!:sunglasses:

Forgot to mention Drake Fong but He’s at 2/40 Currently

Rana I hear is a beast and great for Raids and war.
I don’t have her.

LiXiu is very annoying on Raid/war defense. You could do worse, but if even half of what I hear about Rana is true, she would be the better choice.

Justice,and Hu Tao…Meh

G.Jackyl - great against purple titans - your damage will get a nice bump. Can be used for raids/war, but a real glass cannon. v. fast mana is great, esp when combined with 4 star mana troops @ 11

Drake - Very nice hero, good for a lot of different things. fast mana and blinds. I suspect Rana is a better choice, but you can never go wrong with Drake.

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Before I answer, who’s your current defense tank?

Rana —> drake —> jackal.


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Rather than starting a new thread, I have similar question for Holy Hero too…
I am at player level 29, and on Gold tier. My best team power is 3100ish.

Currently I have these 4* & 5* yellows:
Li Xiu at 3.60
Justice 2.45, Ranvir at 2.40
+Danzaburo (2.10) and Chao and Hu Tao unleveled yet.

I only need 1 Orb of Magic to level either 4* to final or 5* to 3rd ascension.
1). Who do you think I should ascend as soon as I have the 4th Orb?
2). While waiting for it, which yellow should I focus on leveling? 4* or 5*?
Ranvir has been really helpful with Titans btw and his special still at level 4, while Justice’s already at level max 8.


FYI Other ascended 4 & 5 of my roster:

Red: Boldtusk, Gormek, Colen all at 3.60, Scarlett and 2nd Colen unleveled yet. No 5*
Blue: Misandra (2.50), Boril (4.40). Grimm and Agwe unleveled yet
Green: Little John (4.60), Kashhrek (3.10), no 5*
Purple: Proteus and Sabina at 3.60, Gafar, Tiburtus, and 2nd Sabina unleveled yet.

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It’s better to have a fully maxed 4s rather then a 3/70 5s. So, I’d suggest you to max Li Xiu.

For the other colors:

Try to max Boldtusk asap then Scarlett. Colen third in line.

Finish Boril, then Grimm.

Finish LJ and see if another 4s green comes in your way (Caedmon would be great)

Proteus and then Sabina. Then Gafar and Tiburtus


Thanks a lot for your reply.
Just acquired 4th Orb and ascended LiXiu for her final ascension.

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