Holy 4 stars

hi all need help in choosing who to level, other colours have been easy choices but yellow has me struggling, I have the materials but do not want to make wrong move thanks. Screenshot_20190902-020234_Empires

What other 4*'s do you have maxed? If you have a lot of slow ones, then you can probably eliminate Hu Tao and Li Xiu.

Chao was my first maxed yellow 4* and honestly, I was very underwhelmed. His hit was weak and it seemed that every time his mana cut hit, the enemy was able to recharge right away.

Danzaburo gets a lot of love and hate on this forum, depending on who you ask. I don’t think he’d be great as a first maxed yellow 4*.

Sorry, this seems so negative, but really, 4* yellows don’t get a lot of love. If you have mostly fast 4*s, Li Xiu wouldn’t be a bad choice, I think. I have all 4 of those heroes maxed and I have the most fun with the little badger, so if you won’t be frustrated when he freezes, he could be a good choice.

I think to get the best advice, you should post the other 4s you have maxed.

I only have two holy 4*, Hu Tao and Wu Kong. Hu is maxed because I had no other option at the time. Now he’s a permanent benchwarmer for me unless I need a second holy stack in wars and I ran out of better ones. I tend to use Wu before him.

In raids I find Li Xiu more troublesome than Chao. Not really sure why. Maybe because I see her more often on the wing and Chao more often on the flank.

As @StephenNap89 says the 4* yellows, at least classic ones, are an underwhelming bunch. Li Xiu is probably the best choice unless you need a fast hero, then maybe Chao. Danzaburo is a decent enough support hero if you have good hitters already.


I have mostly average/slow heros atm so fast might be best. here some I use.

Either Chao or Li Xiu. Overall, I think Li is the better hero despite her medium mana. However, if you lack fast heroes / snipers, Chao can be prerry useful too.

Hu Tao is a solid tank and good for map levels and quests (because due to mana pots his slow mana is not a big concern there) but that’s it. Li Xiu is much more versatile.

Danzaburo is too unreliable to be useful in my eyes. He might be fun to play if you don’t mind being dependent on your luck. If you want to know the result of your heroes’ special abilities, however, stick to Li Xiu or Chao.

PS: Li Xiu works pretty well with your Wilbur :slight_smile:


Kiril and Rigard are solid healers. Wilbur minimizes damage to you and maximizes damage to the opponent, but is a bit tricky to use effectively. Proteus is excellent for mana control. Agwe is pretty meh. That leaves only Scarlett as your hitter. You may be better off with Chao for now until you get better ones. You’re missing a 4* green, maybe you’ll get Caedmon who is a solid 4* sniper.

yeah caedmon is who I’m after, I do need more snipers I have other 4* greens, need 1 shield to ascend.

I think a lot of the holy 4*s feel pretty lackluster, and unfortunately the three most exciting ones are the ones you don’t have. Out of your options I’d go with Li Xiu first, followed by Chao and Hu Tao. Li is much better on defense than offense, but I even with his faster speed I don’t find Chao’s damage or mana cut to be significant enough to give him the nod. Hu Tao, meanwhile, is just too slow for me, although pulling him out in rush attack tournaments is fun.

If you pull a Wu, Jackal, or Gretel send them straight to the front of the queue.

i tried to pull for Gretel and jackal but no luck, wu is another i need but got miki for most titan attacks now, li xiu might be best for now. thanks for input

Out of the ones you got, Chao or Li Xiu. Mana controllers are always a must.

I’m going to suggest you level them up to 3.60 and figure which one(s) you like best. They have different niches. If there’s a trial you are struggling with, and one of them would help you with that trial, that would be a solid choice.


Chao. Fast is considerably better than average on offense. It’s nice to have at least 2 fast on your defense as well. Mana speed is very important in this game.

In my honest opinion, and I have both Chao and Li Xiu, they are both meh on Titan, however, Li is good on both offence and defence. Beats Chao hands down

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