What holy I need to go with final ascend?

I already have one Wu Hong with max level and 11 in special. Plz help to choose which one will worth to go with final ascend . Thanks

I’d work on Justice only if I had all the math to ascend her to 4.80.
It is hard to choose between Li Xiu and Chao. Li has average mana speed but a bit higher attack stat. Chao is fast and has stronger mana reduction special.
Li is good for low level farming and can be a defense tank in Gold and low Platinum raids. Chao is more for offense.


It depends on whet you need. Li is tough enough to tank and decreases the entire enemy teams mana by 20%. Shes average speed.

Chao is fast but not near as tough as Li. He hits one target harder the Li (she hits all for 150% vs Chao around 325% I think?) and decreases one targets mana by 25%.

I’d personally say Li Xiu, just because I find her much more useful overall but it really depends on you.

I don’t know that you want to spend the time and AM’s finishing off Justice yet. Although she’s a decent tank, and quite serviceable, you may want to wait and see if you pull something more attractive. Unless you are in need of a 5* Holy tank and have the AM’s to max her?

As you know the 4* will be must quicker to level then the 5* so if you need something fast go with Li or Chao.

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Wu > Li Xiu > Justice > Chao

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Thanks all for your valuable advices .

This is my holy team other than the above one

Well that a whole different story.
Wu sucks except for Titans What I see is richard for tank I wouldnt do Justice at all you dont need her


Noted , will wait until I can get another holy in next month atlantis summon ( not this month as I’m gonna omit Bc I need next month HOTM as I don’t have good number of nature )

Thanks again

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