Need Advice on my 5* Hero Roster

Got the mats to level one of each of my Yellow, Purple and Blue 5* Heroes and don’t really know what to do. I focus on titans and raids. Here are my options…


Bai Yeong
Guardian Owl


Heros already Maxed:
Purple: Clarissa +3, Kageburado +3, Bera +9
Yellow: Guin + 7, Vivica +4, Drake Fong +7
Blue: C. Magni *9 Richard +8, King Arthur 4.60

Really need some advice on which way to go.


My thoughts are Hel, Malosi, Skadi

Hel is one of the best heroes still
Malosi is fast and useful
Skadi absolutely wrecks the minion meta

Purple: Alfrike or Hel. Difficult choice, but if you have Proteus, I’d go Alfrike.

Yellow: any but Owl. I’d probably go Onatel myself.

Blue: Skaldi

In my honest opinion, given your roster, I would focus on:
Purple = Hell
Yellow = Onatel or Malosi depending on your emblem availability
Blue = Skadi

If your looking at titans, joon. Sartana or gel. Skadi, Glenda or isarnia. All are great for Titans and raids. Titan for blue? Isarnia is a great def down.

Do have Proteus +14. Think I’m going to level up Alfrike first but Hel as soon as I get the mats.
On my blue heroes I was leaning towards Alice but I already have two snippers and wasn’t considering the minion meta. Going with Skadi.
On Yellow would love to go with Onatel, rally like heroes that messes with mana, but how would I go with the wizard emblems? Alfrike is a wizard and so does Guin, she is my tank on defense. If I level up Alfrike would you put her on the tank position to replace Guin?

Really like Joon as a sniper but then again the monk emblems are going to Drake Fong and Bera. My blue stack for Titans include King Arthur for elemental def down and have C. Magni and Grimm for def down, Thinking on leveling Skadi but also monk.

Honestly hadn’t thought about emblems. I’d leave what you have on Guin and start on Alfrike. I wouldn’t put them on the same team though, since they work against each other.

I’d second Malosi then. Have him, love him. Same emblems as Kage, but he does well without them too.

They’re all great heroes with calmly I’d raise everyone

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