Myzterio worth leveling with Vanda?

So just pulled Myzterio from TOL and am debating leveling him to pair with Vanda. I believe he remembers status ailments even if Vanda is protecting him at the time. What are everyone’s thoughts on this Synergy and should I level or pick one of my other purple projects?

Purple options to level: Khiona, Domitia, Myzterio, Zulag, Quintus.

The rest of my roster:

TIA for all your help.

Similar to this. Personally I think (without actually having him, but I do have Lady Loki) that he is a great hero to play with. With a blocker hero to synegise him with he becomes even better.


That synergy does look like it would work. Knowing that would you go Myzterio or one of my other purples? Or am I better waiting. I do have 12 tabards and the purple trainers from POV I need to pull out in 2 days.

For Quick reference, my other leveed purples are Sartana, Proteus, CRigard, CTibs, Merlin, Sabina.

Personally I would go Myztero. I think he would be a lot of fun to play, and very effective if used smartly. I love getting the most out of my Lady Loki and she is equivalent to him (I’ve had an in-depth look of their pros and cons and they even out)

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