Who would you level next?

Yep, another. Sorry, I’m still somewhat of a newbie!

I have Caedmon at 3.60 and need two more shields before I can bump him up, but I’m out of room on my roster (that’s after “buying” more space).

I’ll caveat by saying, before listing my options, I have healers coming out my nose. I have multiple BT’s, Sabina, Rigard, multiple Kiril’s and the reason I say this is because I also have multiple Kashhrek’s.

Here is my list of Nature heroes that still need leveled and I’m not sure who to work on next until I get my shields to push Caedmon to his final level:

Kashhrek x 2
[Another] Caedmon
Little John

For the sake of making room on my roster who would be your next choice to start leveling? I know a lot depends on my whole roster, but again, I’m only looking to clear out some room at the moment.

I’m leaning towards my other Caedmon. For my level and level of current game play he hits like a freaking Mack truck. Granted Little John Intrigues me and I don’t have any leveled 3 stars.

I appreciate your thoughts and input!

I would go with 3* they are easy to level . Mnesseus is good candidate and If you wanna work on 4* then Little John . You need to have variety in heros for the class quest. So wait for duplicates to lvl.


I completely agree with what @MrThala said.
Mnessius and Berden are good green 3* that are worth having maxed. You can also bring Little John to 3.60 and use him for a while at this level. You’ll get used to this hero and will know whether to spend shields on him or not.

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There is nothing to add to @MrThala and @SuuriKoira.

I also, just wanted to add, that I have nothing to add

Glad I got that off my chest

Thanks everyone…3* star it is

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Imho is Gobbler a must have and should be leveled on high priority if you don’t have other minion destroyers in your roster…

How many minion producing heroes are among 3 and 4*?

Here you can find a list:

You should take a look at Anchor’s hero grading guide to see which one you should work on for which purposes. It helped me a ton when I was a newbie.


Yes, I know this. My point is that most of minion summoning heroes are 5* and beginning player won’t meet them, thus Gobbler is not a life save at all.

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I second this opinion. It is impossible for a newbie to know which heroes he or she will be using in a year’s time, but folks who have been around a while know which ones get used often, which are getting splinters on the bench.

For me, Gobbler is on the bench unless we are facing all blue tanks in an AW. My second Caedmon is used in every war. And while I very much want Gobbler to be effective as a minon-eater, he has to survive long enough to eat them (I have given emblems to him to try to ameliorate his squishiness). I say, cross your fingers and hope that by the time you are facing minion-producing heroes, you have another minon-eater to choose from.

I agree with the sentiment that early on, focusing on three-star heroes pays the quickest dividend.

I would say that unless @gunny_badger has a very different experience, Kashhrek and Gobbler would be at the bottom of my green roster in a year. Little John and Caedmon would be at the top. Of the two, I like Caedmon more because of his speed, but LJ has decent tile damage and hits everyone. When you start raiding and color stacking, he becomes more likeable.

in the mean time, Berden because he is fast and has a punch and Mnesseus because of his debuff are good investments. I still use Mnesseus in one of the Trials because of his debuff.

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