My Next Yellow Level

Who should it be?

Lady Woolerton

My current yellow top team is: Gulli, C Leonidas, Gretel, Wu-Kong and Chao

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Woolerton will give you fast heal option.
Scoratek is pretty solid at fast. Hit is on the weak side, but the fiend damage is solid.
Bellerive is great with the stoneskin, and extra dmg to nearby if he hits the a low HP target.

I think the fast heal is probably the best choice with your other yellows


Hey! Thanks for the question - here’s a poll for you:

  • Scoratek
  • Bellerive
  • Lady Woolerton
  • Holly
  • Justice
  • Guinevere

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You’ve already got a good selection of heroes at your disposal in yellow, with some great utility there too. Based on the selection available I would personally work on something like Bellerive or Holly. My only thing with Lady Woolerton, is she really shines when you can place her with an ailment blocker (such as Gato [3*] or Ptolemy [4*], though, with emblems, her cleric talent can sometimes block the negative effect.

Scoratek, will give you a “tactical sniper” as I like to think of him (and to some extent his older brother Khepri), but his hit does feel very lacklustre, whereas Bellerive has the advantage of the “tip-over” damage and it does look like you could do with a sniper.

Holly however acts as a much more stable and supportive version of Wu Kong, without the issue of accuracy coming into play.

Therefore, my vote goes to Bellerive!


Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Its an interesting debate for sure. My question would be if I leveled the hero you each mentioned (Woolerton, Bellerive), how would you construct my best yellow team with the other heroes I listed? Would LW replace Gulli because of her speed? Bellerive to replace Chao as sniper?

Also, are Justice and Guinevere just food for Soul Exchange?

It really depends on the rest of your roster to be honest… Though, I’m guessing that you normally run mono teams in raids etc. by the sounds of it?

I would replace Chao with Bellerive personally in the capacity of being a sniper. You already have Gretel and Leonidas to cover some of the mana control. As for healer, I still would say that Gulli is a safe option in terms of an offensive healer, but, I would personally consider running Holly over Woolerton personally, as I find a fast healer who heals that much doesn’t get to see the full exdtent of their value.

Just my two cents on it though!


I actually dont run mono at all unless against opposing color in raids, or when i am on my last flags of war and im trying tor a desperation win! haha it also seems like SG has really cut back on the ability to win with mono teams, maybe thats just me.

Gulli has gotten me through a ton of levels and challenges with over heal, but sometimes it costs me in raids needing that one extra set of tiles.

Ill also be happy to be rid of Chao, always seems like the weakest link.

What did you think about Justice and Guinevere?

Ahhh, a man of culture as well :smiley: I run full rainbow myself so, for me?

:clap: synergy :clap: is :clap: key :clap:

It sounds like Bellerive is the winner in this scenario :wink: But I definitely see where you’re coming from with your concerns over Gulli! I would definitely say that he’s always going to have value no matter where you take him, particularly with his overheal, so… think of Woolerton / Holly as “supplements”!

Guinevere… Whilst the mana cut made her a prevalant tank for a long time, she rapidly fell out of the meta with her aged stats and limited healing capabilities. The costume really revitilised her and she can be a real blessing with the dark reflect (if you have it). Without it? Eh, I wouldn’t really say she’s worth it right now, particularly given that you already have cLeo for mana control.

Justice…sigh as nice as the AoE blind is… she’s just too slow and the hit isn’t really all that. BUT her advantage is that her costume is relatively easily accessible thanks to the likes of Hero Academy, and also the frequency of costume chamber keys from MV, so I wouldn’t entirely write it off to level her either.

Hope that helps?

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Big help, thanks!

Sounds like Justice and Guinevere are headed for soul exchange as i have costume for neither. haha

Belle it is for the yellow, as I feel like its more important to replace Chao than Gulli at this stage. Ill probably go with Woolerton next and use her as a bridge to heal until Gulli can get his tiles.


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