Next yellow monster decision

Meta seems to have shifted more to a purple tank meta so having 2 mono yellow teams would be ideal. I have gone FTP other than alternating vip and MT event. That said I’m one set of darts short and 3 viable candidates.

Current yellows
C.Joon 19
Sif 20
Malosi 18
Onatel 10
Guin 9
Jackal 20
Ranvir 11
Guilli(could give him emblems)

Prof Lind(Have about 350 emblems to use)
Mica (can give 18 node emblems)
Ureaus (Can give max emblems)

Really appreciate imput …

Those in my ally w/ the Prof can’t say enough. She holds her own in several formats, and in vfast she’ll shine. That’d be my choice.

BigPig deserves every emblem you give him, he’s an absolute beast.


Based on your monster roster,… another +1 for Prof, overheal is beast, the same as Gullinbursti, I already have 3maxed, and one +20.


My only worry is the lack of finishing power…and the fact I have so many sorcerer emblems just sitting there…prof L was the way I was leaning though

My vote would be Prof Lidenbrock (she’s REALLY powerful support hero… like one of the best… And in Rush Settings she’s an absolute Pain in the ■■■…)


Uraeus because of the Minion Meta that is popping up with all the Bera & Freya tanks.

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Seeing you don’t have Viv’s costume, it’s gotta be the professor. Uraeus is close but you have firepower, a five star over healer will fit nicely.

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