My hero's are hungry/ Leveling up heros


I’ve come to a point in this game were I’ve finally maxed all my 3* heros and I’ve been lucky enough to get three 4* (Sabina, Caedom, Scarlett) and even a 5* (Azlar). I don’t want to use my maxed 3* (I don’t think… If I’m wrong, please let me know), but I need to feed my heros. Other than training and the occasional summons, I know I can find heros as loot in different stages of the Providence; hence my question… I thought I saw a guide that shared possible loot to be won in each stage, but for some reason I can’t find it now. Was I just dreaming? Also if you have any tips or suggestions on leveling/feeding, please share


Loots and Stats?

And don’t eat your fully leveled 3*; you’ll use them in battle for Beginner level Events (bring 2* troops!)


Thank you @Rook. I knew I saw this document, I just couldn’t remember.


1* and 2* heroes are a possible loot item in any campaign level. On that incredibly helpful spreadsheet, look to maximize the Items per flag, as a hero is one possible treasure item.

There’s an unconfirmed sense that the odds of a 2* hero are higher in higher provinces.


@Kerridoc…I would tend to agree with the un-confirmation. I was looking for an easy way I guess. Looking for specific color heros to feed.

Wow, I just realize I can train for those specific color heros. Brain freeze!!!