Challenge Stage-1

Simple question: Is in Challenge Stage-1 a 2** hero or a 3*** hero the maximum?

By Challenge Stage 1, are you referring to Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?

Beginner allows up to 3* Heroes and 2* troops.

Wow Rook, that was a superfast reply tnx. Indeed I meant Beginner. Reason for my question is waiting for some 14 special ascention items for my 3x5***** heroes, so for now I’m aiming my arrows on new teams to fight in Challenges.

It’s a great idea to level 3* and 4* before 5*. This works for event challenges, but also deepens your bench for Alliance Wars (which should be released soon to all players). :wink:


Does training lower level heroes for deepning imply that training 2** Troops also works that way? Uptill now all my 4**** ate the 2** in training.

I personally feed 1-2* heroes to my

Of course, if I only had 20 heroes for Alliance Wars, I might speedily train 10 2* as a stop-gap till I could get 10 3* heroes from my lvl 13 Training Camp or similar. :slight_smile:

i wouldn’t bother training 2 stars (unless all your other hereos are max or waiting on items).

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Even if you only have 20 heroes? I was thinking about a much lower player. :confused:

if I only had 20 heroes of 3* and up and then trained 10x2*, all my feeders after that would still go to the 3* and up group since feeding the 2* is basically wasted fodder and xp.

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I agree with the both of you as far as heroes go, but I was referring to training troops, which choise do I haven to make, training all my 4**** troops to strenghten them for Titan fights or training the 2** troops for Alliance wars.

In fact I mean Challenges instead of Alliance Wars for the 2** Troops.

As far as Troops go, feed your 4* first. (Because I double hero colors, I also have two 4* for every color if I can help it.)

To complicate things, I saved two each 2* Troops (for Beginner Events), but I only raised those a few levels and stopped. You can ignore this if you like.

4* Troops are the ones that will really help you.


OK, tnx Rook, that answered what I wanted to know for now.

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I wouldn’t bother leveling up either troops or heroes below 3*.

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