Help with main team

Hi all! I’m looking for help building my main team, what should my lineup be/who should I level?


Wow!! How long you been playing!? Or spent lol.
Um thats a hard one, why not just make 6 good teams lol.
Definatly carrie on with your first 3, Wilbur is awesome too. There will be better advice soon :slight_smile:

Start with the ones that would make you earn more materials and emblems by completing events, rare quests, class trials and titans:

  • Yellow
    • Wu Kong
    • Onatel
  • Purple
    • Proteus
    • Aeron
  • Green
    • Evelyn
    • Mother North
  • Blue
    • Grimm
    • Kiril
    • Frida
  • Red
    • Wilbur
    • Boldtusk

Then seeks your playstyle and play with your favourite heroes :slight_smile:
We could give you some defense ideas right off the bat but maybe you would dislike said heroes or you would do your own choices :wink:

Great heroes BTW, I’m jelous.


@Opener: Ummagod, seems your summons gate had more 5ish pulled out than we was produced… :see_no_evil:

I’m glad to have all except Onatel @FraVit93 pointed out without ruining myself. :wink: