Final ascension: Marjana x2 or Elena or Anzogh?

Hi there!
This is actually my first post and I’d appreciate any help. I have nine rings and I’m tired of waiting for a new hero that I actually really like. I have Marjana fully ascended. I want to do another five star but I don’t know which to pick. I have Marjana Elena and Anzogh all 3/70.


First Anz and then Ela. A dupe only of key heroes, which none of them is imo.

Diversity rules due to different classes and special synergies.


Is Anzogh really better than Elena? Seems like all the buzz on the forums here are pretty down on Anzogh.

It seems the general consensus on him is that he is only good in war when teamed up with other reds.

I feel like Elena would be good on Titans as well as in war occasionally in the right team

He heals.
Nothing more to say.

Ele is a must for being a promotional, but not for her special.


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