🎅 Mr. Pengi -- 5* Ice / Blue from Santa's Challenge (Winter)

Frosth is not as useless as you might think. Those Minions on fast speed help alot you can even combine them with Vela to reduce incoming damage, while protecting your Team. Mana is just icing on the cake and helps me sometimes to charge Krampus when i simply cannot find a match over 2-3 rounds. I would invest more emblems on him ifylu ask me :slight_smile:

Hi giZm0_o,
after Domitia got to +19, Frosth will get the next rogue emblems. I used hin before the nerf in my blue mono team, there he was ok. But after nerf, he can not compensate the mana loss you get from a opponents dying Bera tank. That was for me the use case. Now limit breaked costumed Sonya benched him. Dispell is more important than a little mana gain.

I did the same. LB Sonya is way more useful.

I’m stuck trying to decide on Pengi or Lord Loki… Got both this last month and wanted both bad. Only one set of scopes right now though. Have a deep enough roster than neither is a must have hero, unless I’m looking to improve defense slightly. Pengi seems to have the edge there. Any thoughts?

I have both (Lord Loki at +9, Pengi still at 1.1) and while Pengi is the more deadly, with his ability to mimic other special skills, Lord Loki will be good for all type of wars and will never be outdated. Especially since you say that you have a deep roster, while Pengi brings pure damage, Loki will bring you whatever you need at that moment from the opponents heroes


Yeah you’re right. The variety of skills he can bring was what made him so desirable. Ok, leaning back to Loki. But man that damage for Pengi lol… It’s a pretty nice feature.

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Lord Loki imo is one of the best and most useful heroes in the game. As the game evolves and the power creep only gets worse he will always be able to copy the power of the newest op hero they bring out. Pengi is awesome but Loki is the ultimate Trump card.


It depends on what you have. If you have Krampus, mother north or one of them, I will go with Pengi. If not, lord loki is best for you now. But eventually both are worth of Max.


Was able to snag a Mother North finally this last Christmas. So I do have her to pair with Pengi. I probably summoned way more than I should have and I actually managed to get 2 Pengi and 3 MN and am honestly considering ascending a second Pengi and MN at some point if I can.

I would do double mother with double pengi f you have enough mat

I have both and as much as I love Pengi, I’d do Lord Loki. Lord Loki is one of the best heroes you can get in this game.

Bit the bullet and did Lord Loki. He just offers something unique. Thanks for the thoughts. Though now I am saving up 6 more scopes. Pengi is definitely next lol.


Unless Quentin or some other new over-powered hero will fall on your lap :))


Please nerf him, its a totally overpowered hero. Beta is a bs when they allow that. Slow down sg

Honestly… I’m a bit annoyed by the many nerf-topics. I agree that a combo with other costumed Christmas heroes is deadly, but on its own Pengi ain’t that amazing. Good? Definitely. OP? Definitely not.

And how many of us have that crazy Christmas combination (or other strong minion heroes)? Let’s be honest, the same that will have tomorrow’s meta and that of the day after.

So, instead of asking a nerf, ask a buff for some heroes that are sitting on anyone’s benches.


Beta testers just asked to give opinions, but Small Giants do what they want regardless of the Beta Feedback.

It was mentioned by testers that it can be a bit OP with lot of minions:
(Quote from Staff’s feedback summary)


Cmon, fast Mana and 5k dmg? Definitely not OP… What are you talking about? Cobalt is considered as OP with hes 3lvl mana gain, and that Birdy do it with fast. Gimme a break



1st: 5k dmg at fast speed? I wonder where you get these minions from before that happens.

2nd: I was rating Pengi on its own and made a clear connection with super minion teams that are only for the happy few that will always have the OP teams .

If you have a lvl 29 mana troop under Glenda and ninja troop under Pengi, they charge at the same time. Pengi is basically a buff to Glenda, i didnt use her in ages but since i got 2 Pengis she is on my main blue attack team. Add in C. Kiril and the battle is over with 9 blue tiles.

He requires a lot of set up for that 5k damage. And because he always needs a minion summoner, he is pretty much a one-dimensional hero who depends on these summoners. Because of this he also gets hard countered by anti minion heroes due to minion dependency. FWIW he’s quite balanced


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