Evelyn or Lianna

I have Lianna at 3/70 and Evelyn is about 3/62 (both at 8/8). I have 10 tonics and 15 shields so I just need two more tonics before I can max both. For green, I currently have Zeline, Alby, Caedmon, Hansel and Melendor maxed. Which one should I max first? I was leaning toward Evelyn but I’m thinking she might be more effective at 3/70 than Lianna is.

Lianna only dealing dmg soo she need 4^80 to be useful, Evelyn need 8/8 skill. IMHO first Lianna but if you have some snipers like Magni or Joon first I will go with Zeline(she is good everywhere) and next Alby or Lianna.
But about your question, Lianna to 4^80 first than Eve

Zeline and Alby are already maxed. They will be #3 and 4 to my all green team.

I do have Sartana, Joon and Alasie for fast snipers in other colors.

Soo IMHO first Lianna

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