Reassigning Emblems

Here’s my current team:

  • Anzogh 4.8 + 7
  • Seshat 4.8 + 6
  • Kingston 4.8 + 5
  • Boril 4.7 + 18
  • Wilbur 4.7 + 18

I’ve used this team with no Holy and double Fire as my main defense/offense team. I’ve recently leveled up Leonidas, to make a rainbow team, however Wilbur is holding on to all the Monk Emblems. I find Wilbur to be a key member of my team, especially with his defense special.

Should I strip Wilbur of his emblems and assign them to Leonidas, so that I can have a full rainbow team?

You can still use Leonidas without the emblems. Wilbur, as you said, is one of the key 4 stars in the game and you will find use for him in 4 star tournaments, titans and quests alike. So I would suggest you to keep the monk emblems on him, and whatever more you get from now onwards, you can give it to Leonidas. :slight_smile:


Great advice. Thank you!

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