Monk emblems

Do you think wu kong is worth of embleming?
The nodes would be defense, life and i want to emblem him to +20

Thank you

It all depends on who you have in your roster to be honest.
But he is still good with emblems when you take him up against the Titan

After finally getting my main monks up to where I want them, I’m actually 'bleming him up now. I’m just in my own alliance but want to join a team again. This means higher titans so I am going down the defense path to make him beefier.

He is worth it if you don’t have Miki to use. Plus 4*'s use less so it is faster and easier to get them to 20.

Had this discussion in my alliance…using him 4.70+1 with crit troops lvl 12 on any 14* titan. (Even yellow reflect!) Won’t emblem him higher. Basta. Doing 140k average to the titan with 5 or 6 attacks on a weekly basis…that is 23k ~28k average per attack. My highest is 68k. I won’t reach 100k with Wu…I am fine with it.

No Miki no Tarlak no Ranvir no elemental def down except Nordri.

Using 1x timestop if affordable…if not 2-3x arrows to protect.

Usually it is enough to load him once per fight before a cascade of strong tiles…this single move will do 80% of the points of your attack…don’t care if he dies afterwards.

And yeah sometimes he gets one-shotted before he can cast…it’s random. I have to live with it.

Many players emblem him. I won’t do it. If it’s too frustrating for you…go give him emblems.

Cheers Viking

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