Monk emblems, what to do? C-Drake Fong vs Khufu

So I’m close to finishing C-Drake Fong who will be my first ascended yellow 5* and I am working on Khufu (currently at 4.2) who will be my first ascended red 5*. Very different I know but I will only have enough monk emblems for one. What would you do? I also have WuKong up to 10 nodes on the talent grid, not sure if stripping him makes sense?

Lady of the Lake is my only ascended 5* otherwise so far and I am early on working on Adalinda and Frigg (no good 5* purple yet, leaving Sartana at 2.60 and ignoring Obakan, working on more 4* purple for now). Other yellow 5* yet to be ascended include Posedien, C-Viclviva, Kara, and Caitlin and red includes Zagrog, C-Elena, Tahir, Hohenwerf, Azlar and Khagan.

Well, Khufu is the best

well, Khufu is the beAst

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No question really khufu…