Which 5* red hero to ascend next?

Just another one of these threads from another indecisive player! This is on my alt account where the only red 5* I have ascended are Octros, Elizabeth and Emilio. The 4* I have ascended are Boldtusk, C. Wilbur, Sun Shang and G. Falcon.

These are my top contenders, but a couple of them could get emblemed while the rest wouldn’t.

  • Khufu
  • Lewena (emblemed)
  • Nadezhda
  • Saoirse
  • Zenobia
  • Black Knight
  • Asterius (emblemed)

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Thank you!

i wanna say BK, but khufu in his current form can really turn the table. u only need to manage to fire him once then chance to win will be up and up.

note: well, yeah he is kinda OP actually


Paired with BK its a death sentence :joy:.

Id do bk then khufu emblems or not they will come eventually …taunt is a powerful tool

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Okay thank you both, I’m guessing polls are giving Lewena and Asterius more priority given they are the only ones I can emblem right now - but totally could use a taunter since I haven’t yet ascended my Krampus. But then again if I’m going to ascend Krampus in the near future, do I still need to ascend BK? But also tempted with Khufu given how strong everyone is saying he is, I haven’t come across him much other than on VF tournaments. Decisions decisions lol.

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I didn’t read anything you wrote and didn’t care who was below Khufu.

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