Mixed feelings for my defense team. Need advice :-)

I have a very mixed feelings for my defense team knowing that Telly and Vela received a nerf. First sorry for my english, cuz its not my native language.

So this is my defense team:

Im also using that team for attack.

I feel like my team could be improved but i dont know what to do with my other heroes, exactly who to ascend next or to what card to replace.

My other heroes:

To be more precise, i can ascend to max: 2 yellow 5* heroes, 1 purple 5* hero, 1 red 5* hero, 1 blue 5* hero.

I was thinking to replace BK, i know he is one of the best tanks in this game, and put there Ursena, cuz i think putting Ursena on the Wing is a waste and adding to this Costumed Azlar on wing, could be interesting combo. Or replacing Telly and putting BK as a main tank. Im so confused, i just dont wanna waste my materials and be later disappointed. Or just replace Kageburado with Costumed Magni. I know Joon is propably one of the best yellow snipers and is worth it to ascend ? I was trying to get Joon costume but with no luck, i throwed so much money at costumes its insane. I just want this team to be versatile if possible. Thank You for your help! :slight_smile:

I was thinking on something like this, do you think it could work ? Or just stick to my main defense team and just ascend Kage and Joon.

Honestly… I’d max more 4* first, I can only see 11 (or see there more hidden away?)

5* at 3.70 are generally less effective than maxed 4* - throw in emblems and that 3.70 can’t hope to equal the 4*.


If you’re absolutely set on working on more 5’s first…

I wouldn’t make your defence team your priority - it’s there to keep you in proximity to diamond to open raid chests and for wars… But otherwise it does nothing to help you acquire more materials.

So you want to be choosing based on which hero’s are best in attacking play - in titans, raids and events.
These all help you get more materials which helps you max more heroes.

Gazelle is a titan specialist and in the absence of Miki and/or Tarlak, you’d take her against every colour… She’s good at attacking but not good on defence.
In your shoes, she’s one I’d get done for sure.

Kage is great in attack and okay on defence (but not at wing, he’s an awful wing).
Joon is good everywhere.
If you want to max those two you’ll never regret having them available.

But there’s some key 4* there that I’d do first… Falcon, Wilbur, Sabina, Melendor (and costume), Mist and Brynhild.
I’d probably do Gretel and Tiburtus (and costume) first as well.

The 4’s remain the backbone of everything for a long, long time…
They’re quicker and less expensive to max and will really improve your performance in key areas (titans, event tiers, tournaments) that will help score more materials and be great fun in the process.


Thank You very much for quick reply!
You are propably right, i just came to a conclusion that a 5* hero is always better than 4* hero so i focused only on 5* heroes. Thanks for advice :slight_smile:

Your defense team doesn’t need any work, it’ll keep you in diamond without a problem. Telly may not be the unstoppable force she was before the change, but she’s still top-tier. Her synergy with Vela, even after the change, is outstanding.

@BubblesUK covered the rest very well. Gazelle should be a priority since titans give more ascension mats than anything else. You have a great looking roster, happy playing!


Maxed… A single 5* (4.80) is going to be better than a single 4* (4.70)

But a 4* maxed (4.70) is going to be more useful - it can go more places.

On top of that, you can max 5* heroes far more quickly, so you develop deeper utility from your bench faster.


Wilbur is one you really want maxed ASAP.

Yes Gormek can be your drop defence on Green titans already, but Wilbur does so much more.
He’s useful everywhere but on top of that he has a crucial synergy with BK that you really want to take advantage of in raids - fire them together and two turns later all your heroes have very high attack (maxed at +145% and it usually gets there!).
If you combine that with a hit-5 hero (direct damage, not damage over time) or simply trigger a cascade it’s utterly devastating… I often fire Guardian Kong and see him hit 700-1000 per enemy with this setup, it takes some setting up but it’s madness when it launches.


The only 5 I’d prioritize for now is Gazelle. You don’t want her dying on you, so unlike Miki and Tarlak I wouldn’t park her at 3.70.

If I was picking a rainbow to work on…
Holy: Gazelle
Dark: Sabina
Nature: Melendor
Fire: Wilbur
Ice: Sonya.

I’d get another 5-10 4* done before working too much more on 5’s.

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I though parking Gazelle at 3.70 is quite enough, cuz i can always heal her through potions on titans. In my guild we have only 8-9* titans so i think for now she is quite capable of staying alive. The best result with her i have on purple titans and with Joon, Jackal, Musashi and C.Li Xiu, i dont have another sniper to add but dmg is quite impressive :slight_smile:

I also found somewhere that a good defense team could be: C.Rigard, Mist, Wilbur, Brynhild, C.Melendor. I have all of them, could work.

A 4* defence makes no sense when you have top tier 5* hero’s at max.

Your current middle three makes perfect sense.

The only question is what works best in the corners (eg: Kage sucks as a wing even when he’s maxed!)

But really, defence is a low priority.

How many cups is your current defence keeping you at?

Im sitting at 2300-2400 cups right now. Before nerf it was 2400-2500. So not a big differeance i think. Yeah i know that BK-Telly-Vela is my core when it comes to defense, i just need propably a strong snipers in wings. I have Joon, can ascend him. When it comes to purples i have only Kage. Or meybe replace him with C.Magni ? But could make him up to only 3.70, i need 1 more telescope to be able to ascend a blue 5*. Or Alice is already at 3.70

Also when it comes to Kage, he is a barbarian and BK too, so there would be a emblem conflict anyway.

At 2300-2400 you’re pretty golden - you’re consistently close enough to be opening chests in diamond (which is a fairly modest boost in loot luck) so it’s not something to worry too much over.

You’ve got some great 5* on the bench for sure, but I really would focus on the 4’s first, especially as your defence is already doing all you really need/want it to.

I’ll just point out, also, that if your defence is too good (relative to your general bench strength) you’ll find yourself with revenges you just can’t beat and having to reroll a lot to handpick opponents… More flexibility in attack makes raiding at higher cup levels more fun, but with a developing bench it’s not as much.

I dont know how it will be now, but before nerf my team on defense was crushing teams more than 4200 power, even some 4500 lol, some of them even failed at revenge 3x times, that made me lold hard. Im just playing already so long that i just want that first 5* team, then i will focus on some of my 4* :slight_smile:

when I read your question and then saw your defence team I literally had to lough ot loud. No offense here… it was just because you have a top tier hero for each color in your defence. A line up many players would be jealous about. So no need to worry. Once your wings are maxed, you will stay in diamond for sure. Beside that, I can agree to everything @BubblesUK said. (Wilbur ftw!)

Fair enough :slight_smile:

As long as you’re aware/happy that it might not be the best choice, it’s fine - it’s a game, we’re supposed to enjoy it first and foremost :slight_smile:

If you’re super concerned with defence primarily then I wouldn’t have Kage on the wing, he’s just not good there at all… then again, he’ll help more maxed than at 3.70 and it’s already doing well enough, it’s not going to get worse with him levelled!
But for attacking he’s really useful to have.

Clarissa and Ursena are both really good all-round hero’s.

Joon is excellent also.

I know man, when BK showed up on my screen when i was drawing cards during Avalon Event, i was like WTF. Im holding my Joon and Kage at 3.70 cuz i was hoping i can draw something better. Was trying hard for Joon Costme, or even Sartana Costume but with no luck. Now im confused if i want to ascend my Kage knowing that he is not that good at Wing ?

And i have also Ursena, she would be better at flanks than on wings, but i have BK and Vela there so im torn a little bit. Also Kage and BK have the same emblems, choices are hard sometimes :slight_smile:

Again though, defence isn’t the priority… And he’s really nice in attack.

I would ascend the ones you enjoy attacking with and then build the best defence available to you from that.

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I still have no Atlantis 5 stars, but I was really hoping to get either Kage or Ursena. Would have maxed them instantly… Also Joon totally worth the mats, imo… even without the costume. Don’t have him though.

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