Is there anyone that can help me with my 5* defense team?

Hi, I have enough ascension items to upgrade a 5* to 4\80 but for blue, yellow, red and green I am not sure if I want to waste them since newcoming heroes are all stronger. Yes joon is nice but I am sure a much better yellow will be released soon. So I will upgrade only if a hero will make my defense much stronger.

And for purple I just can’t decide who should I fully upgrade. Victor, kage or clarissa?

My 5* heroes are below. Currently Kunchen is mid and my defense team fails more than it used to be. I need to make a change, what would be the strongest in war defense??
Thanks already!

Just wait and be sure to keep on spending

:joy: ahaha :joy: It is hard to resist.

I’m assuming you are using purple tanks in war. Can you show your current defense team?

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In my honest opinion, unless you spends lots of money on pulls, you have really decent heroes to ascend now.
For me I would go:
Yellow - Joon
Blue - Miki for Titan and Frida for raids, war, tournaments
Red - wait
Green - Atamos looks really good following his buf
Good luck


This is my current defense:

Personally, I would switch Evelyn and Alice’s position.
Evelyn- JF- Kunchen- Neith - Alice

And if you don’t want to wait to get a better yellow hero, Joon is a great hero to ascend. He is probably one of the best S1 heroes.

For purple , I’m torn between Kage and Clarissa. But probably Clarissa first because of her elemental link.

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Does your alliance use a certain war tank colour consistently?

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No sadly, our hero pools and levels are very different.

Out of interest… Why is defence your priority?

Defence holds you in place and helps in alliance wars… But that’s about it.

Attack gets you more mats so you can ascend more.

You already have the heroes there that you can build good defences from… Even if it was a priority for you, there’s even less reason for it to be now, surely?

I would definitely ascend Joon - great attacking hero, will always be useful to you and if you pull his costume as well then you wind up with a beast that stands up alongside the best newer heroes.


Not OP, but maybe his defense can’t hold diamond consistently overnight. I totally agree with you on the importance of offense, but it might be frustrating raiding back into diamond every day (and failing to do so sometimes, leading to opening platinum hero chest instead of diamond). I’m not sure how much better diamond chest is compared to platinum, but it is certainly frustrating when you are at the brink of diamond and have your hero chest filled.

On the note of offense, I totally agree about ascending Joon. The only “new” yellow heroes will be Roc in June for Sand Empires and Bei Yeong as September HOTM who is still a bit far off. I would probably still ascend Joon over these heroes based on your current roster of yellow heroes.


Whilst I take your point…

There’s no point having a great defence that holds you in diamond if you’re unable to win battles there.

Diamond is only better than platinum if you’re consistently opening your raid chest daily.

The rewards aren’t all that much better IIRC, and some reward would be better than sometimes better reward and sometimes none.

The yo-yo period is indeed frustrating, but focusing on defence isn’t actually the best way to get past it…
Building attacking flexibility gains more mats, which leads to more maxed 5* and to more successful attacks up into diamond.

To consistently fill that chest, you need attacking flexibility so that you can pick the right teams to beat the defences you come up against.
If you lose too many on attack, not only is it pointless being there but it takes an even better defence to maintain it.


yellow - Joon, Purple - Kage, Blue - Miki without a discussion, red - wait, green - atomos (I did not think I would write this one day :joy: ). This is just my humble opinion :slight_smile:

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