Mitsuko talents: healing bonus or crit?

Reflect is changing to be a “defensive buff”. Because players figured out it’s not working as intended… and there’s discussion.

Crit… always crit.

Here’s mine and she has a +17 troop so she now goes off in 9 tiles .


Just an info, she need minimum Troop Level+11 with node20.
Troop Level+17 needed for node8 and node19.

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Hi there !! We have a commonality in that we emblem our Mitsukos on the same path:

I reckon that she excels much more offensively than defensively, that’s why I emblem her on the attack path. Between the crit bonus and the healing bonus, I am in the view that the latter is only useful if the hero is a healer. Otherwise, healing bonus is useless and a waste of emblem and food and iron since it may be possible that no healing comes either because of the absence of one or prior death of the healer.

And @jinbatsu is correct. A fully emblemed sorcerer with +4% mana bonus on the 20th node only needs a level 11 mana troop to fill the mana in 9 tiles. I have mine supported by such troop, while my level 25 mana troop is supporting my Wilbur and my level 8 mana troop supporting my BT+19 (mana bonus) with MCB (yeah, I know. BT+19 with MCB does not need a level 8 mana troop, but I dont have any other mana troop in my inventory. those 3 are all that I have, other the several crit troops, 1 at level 20 and the other at level 5). They all fill mana at the same time.


@jinbatsu @Ultra thx for pointing that out. I wrote it wrong like if was a need for the l17 troop I just meant I had a troop there but you’re right 11 is enough once she hits 20 and that was hard getting 250 for that node. I don’t usually push it for heroes like lianna with the crit or Joon etc. My only other sorceror of note is Sabina who has always say quiet at 4.70 with mel, rig, and Kiril And their costumes but I’m thinking she might as well get them.

And yes she works better on offense cause you can fire then attack he blue with tiles to fire. As my only non s1 (I do have grimble and glenda) she changed everything from attacks to esp events with he blue bosses. Normally I raid 3 2 with her and BT 20. But no marjana I had to Max a second Scarlett since red is weak. Hopefully I get marj costume. I would love that just to get her but the cos would be better.

Side note:I was in a library and I took my phone out when she was original unfeatured hero in atlantis so 0.3% back then and I did 2 coin pulls first was gato and next was her. I yelled and the e librarians told me to keep it down …lol. ironically I collected a tc20 days later in same library and in order it was isarnia, kadilen then lianna at 6. Nohon from the other 24 I collected but who cares…I scored that day. I should go back there I have 60 to collect now in tc20. Who knows right? Enjoy mits!!!


Hmnnn. You are lucky at the library. It thinks you need to be a librarian :blush:

I still have over 600 sorcerer emblems. It is reserved for Almur in order for me to avoid maxing a second Evelyn still stuck at 3/70. But that S3 hero still eludes me. Maybe I’ll use them on a second Mitsuko who is at 3/70 also but may opt on the defense>health path. I have 22 rings lying around somewhere.

Oh wow. Thanks! Good to know.

I just used mine on Sabina for now have 20 plus reset tokens and I’m not doing pulls until all s3 heroes are out. I’ve tested Thor and Odin in beta and think more are coming maybe surtur as a fire giant but I’d want almur too he’s a solid long term 4. Hope you get him soon. His yellow average counterpart is ok but avg speed they’re like hansel and gretel kinda.

I am resisting the urge using those sorcerer emblems in favor of my Sabina, who doesn’t get any much use any more since I have 4 costumed Rigards for healing and I have Kage, Seshat and Domitia with max costume bonus doing the dispelling. I have a dupe Sabina unleveled and was planning to max her too in case her costume version is something cool to have but alas, her costume version ain’t that much great.

My original plan was to hoard as much Valhalla coins until all S3 heroes are already available. The release of Frigg in the live game a few months ago made me waste all of my previously hoarded 4,000+ coins and no 5* S3 to show, not even Almur. I hate this season and it hated me back.

I really want to have Almur in my roster to spend my spare sorcerer emblems to. With him, he will make me shun the idea of maxing my 2nd Eve as he will serve in my second monogreen team for wars.

May I know who this hero is?

Sorry not yellow its dark Fura. She is who I meant.