Mitsuko Sorcerer option

I have a dilemma maybe you guys could help out with. I am about to choose my talent #8 with her, and the two paths are as follows:

Healing Bonus/Defense
Critical Bonus/Attack

I use her often as a tank/flank on defense with crit troops. But I also use her a lot more on offense/wars.

I do not see much value for the 2% healing bonus which is why I feel the 2% Crit is better path. Yes I will lose out on the 18 pts of armor, but will gain 15 attack and another 15 attack later at nxt crossroad. Would it be safe to say selecting the critical option will be fine?

Any opinions would be appriciated!

I would go with the crit path. The extra 2% healing won’t really make a big difference.


Literally have the exact same situation as you. So far I’ve gone def/hp, so I’d prefer defense and any non-healing bonus option, but as is I’m leaning towards crit/attack for these two nodes.

Her attack is credible, and increasing non-optionally in some spots (when the paths are attack and def or attack and hp). But I think I just regard the healing bonus as negligible, so it’s hard for me to believe that def > crit + atk.


Same. Since we are doing the same armor path, there are some choices which will gain us attack so I feel another 15 plus crit, is more valuable than the healing bonus/18 shield. Leaning towards the crit as well.

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