Missed but finaly got Clarissa... Who gets the tabards?

Yes you’re right but if you get mana regen debuffed (which may get more common over time - especially in the Telly era) the numbers would play out differently

More specifically, with a mana regen debuff you would likely need 4 match 3’s to charge Domitia. The waiting for the extra match 3 might just kill you in today’s fast / v fast meta

Since you have the costume I’d go Domitia, it’s like having 2 heroes in one

Long term means forever in some situations, one of which the OP is likely in

Huh guys!
I did stop chasing Clarissa but I collected enough coins for another pull…
Guess what?

I pulled her!

So now what?

I have 13 tabards, Sartana at 58, Domitia is coming up plus I have the costume for her…
And now Clarissa turned up…
Who should I focus on?

Very weird dilemma if you ask me…

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