Milestone! – First rainbow 5* team maxed! What are your thoughts on this team?

Today I reached my greatest Milestone yet in this game, and I wanted to share it with the community: my first maxed rainbow team of 5* is done! :blush:

What’s your thoughts on this team?

And if I still have your attention, who’s next in line?
Blue: Ariel (almost done, 4/60), Frida, Aegir, Richard

Red: Anzogh, Azlar, Cap. Kestrel, G. Kong

Yellow: Drake, Leonidas, Musashi

Purple: Sartana, Quintus

Green: The Hatter, Kadilen

Thanks for any feedback!


Grats on the nice team!

Frida and Sartana for sure. For the other colors, what are your 4*? A mix of good 4* and 5* heroes can make a powerful bench.

Do you have mats for all color 5*s?

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Congrats! Thanks for sharing! Love to see other players get as excited as I do with things like that!

As tp your question about next to level I would go:

Frida, she is good on titans and all around pretty versatile, Aegir if you want to start with tanky type
Azlar, I like the DoT burn, or Anzogh as I don’t see another healer in that list

oops forgot poor Kadilen……But Hatter is really kinda fun to play with!

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In your line-up I’d flip Magni and Khiona so that (a) MN is shielded and (b) Khion’a nearby attack buff goes to three attaackers and (c) better color pairing to reduce damage (red tiles towards Mother don’t hurt Magni much; Onatel and Khiona are weak colors against each other).

Frida, Azlar, Drake, Sartana, Hatter get my votes. Kinda depends on your 4* bench.

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Thanks for all your input, guys! Appreciated!

I already have Ariel and Hatter ascended to fourth tier, and I’m going with Drake and Sartana as yellow/purple. Will have to decide who’ll get the rings between Azlar and Anzogh.

As for my 4*, it’s easier to mention those I don’t have:
G. Falcon, Jaffar (?), Jack O’ Hare, Peters and Gretel

My maxed 4* are Hansel, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Grimm, Kiril, Proteus, Wu Kong, Tibs, Sonya, Wilbur,

Do Ariel and the Hatter.

He’s so annoying for buffed enemies and also hits well.

MN + Ariel = dreamteam

I have used the Hatter with great success, even at 3/70. It’s glorious to make both Alby and Ares fire, then steal all the buffs! :blush:
I don’t have much experience with Ariel yet, mostly used in a blue stack. She doesn’t hold up long when not maxed though…
MN > Ariel so far, in my opinion, but they’re both great healers, probably two of the best?


Xp level 32 and you already reach the milestone! Congratulation!
Btw, how much did you spend to get those good heroes?
I had been playing for 7months, level 38 with plenty of loot tickets and spent about 1,135 bucks for gems and the only 5 * heroes that I acquired was Richard, Quintus, Guin, Thorne and Anzogh. 2 other in Obakan and Kadilen pop up from tc20.
Tough luck.

Thanks, but I haven’t really cared much about the career map, which has made my leveling a slow process… But I have spend way too much money on this game, that’s for sure! My luck has been awesome in 2019, though! :blush:

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