Miki vs the Titan?

Hi everyone, I’ve done a search on the forum but cannot locate info on Miki specifically regarding his specials vs a Titan. Does Miki not silence a Titan? I hit with him this morning & the Titan hit back, the very next turn, and I watched “150” taken from him. Any input is appreciated as I remember, back when I got this HOTM, someone said he’ll be great against a Titan & I just don’t see that. Unless he’s broken? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Silence only works to prevent an enemy from firing their special for 4 turns. Normal attacks still work even when silenced.


His role vs. titans is increasing tile damage first and foremost. The silence is a nice bonus.

He’s the best titan hero in the game because he makes your average tile damage higher than anyone else can.


As mentioned by @KLinMayhem silence only effects the special attack and so the normal slash attack may have gotten you.

Guvnor wrote a good piece/guide/review on attack boosters

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