Miki titan 20charActers

Hi everyone so I lucked out and have multiple Miki. Can I use 2 or 3 for that matter or would it cancel out vs titans. Thanks in advace

Their buffs don’t stack so it’s not really useful to bring multiple Mikis. The only point could be to have them ready with full mana and when the first buff expires fire the second Miki to have the attack buff always active. But it’s better to bring instead defense debuffer or other attack buffer like Kiril.


well he is slow, so it may pay to have one in reserve depending on your team…plus you get the small mana regen buff and the 4 turns of silence. Which can help survival. I think the answer is team and titan dependent.

But I don’t think leveling two Miki’s is worth it for the small number of times it may pay off for titans.


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