Misandra or Miki

Misandra or Miki? Who should I ascend? I have Magni and Thorne full and Richard almost there. I have been used Miki only to titans. But maybe now with rush war plus rush tournament, he could be more useful. But I am not shure.

So … Misandra or Miki?

I don’t have him, but understand up to 9-10* titans Miki is OK at 3-70. If you plan facing anything higher I’d say Miki for certain

But I dislike Misandra, she hasn’t ever been a problem for me on defense. So I’d probably do Miki anyway, or even wait to see if you get anything more deserving

I don’t have either hero, but I think more information will help.

What is your alliance’s titan level?
Can either hero be emblemed?
How many telescopes, d blades, tomes and warm capes do you have?

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Miki. Misandra is good but not enough to be better than Miki.

Miki for sure…

I am facing titans 8 and 9 stars. I have just 6 telescopies. So it is one or other. I realy lije Miki, but i have never used him to war, only in titans. Now, there is this rush war.

Oh, I can emblemed both to 15

Definitely Miki :slight_smile:

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Mikki works fine at 3.70 even on 14* I used to use him before ascending him cause I had other priorities.

If you really need a blue sniper go for misandra mikki can wait

Save your mats bro. better will come. Miki is awesome but doesn’t need them.

Nah miki isn’t OK on 10* titans I have and even maxed with a titan or turtle banner he still takes a slash attack hard. Just getting that out there.

If you have miki max him.

I have miki maxed I’m on 11* 12* titan he takes with a banner a hard hit off the tiitan. I can’t see a 14* at 3/70 being useful.
If you use battle items or mana up before hand I’d kinda like to know.

Mine is 4.80 now but with an axe and crit troop I remember he could take a took a hit from a 14* titan and survive :wink:

Good you maxed, but it’s max miki right away a few people said to me got scopes max him now as I was waiting as the 3/70 thang thought be ok.
It’s not good and maxing is fn awesome

The OP is hitting 8* stars titans so it’s not necessary a priority for him that’s why I informed him that a 3.70 mikki is totally fine for now if need a 5* sniper and/or blue defender in its line up.

Yeah. But people saying his ok at 3/70 I don’t agree

You don’t agree well good for you but it’s the reality…

He just gain survivability at 4.80 which you don’t need when you fight 8* titans.

And given the fact that he fights 8* I’m pretty sure he does not compete on legendary events so no need to have 4.80 mikki there too.

Finally having 5* star hereo that you don’t use in war (except rush attack wars) is a burden for your alliance cause it improves your alliance score while in fact you won’t use that hero during the war…

It’s flase information , for anyone else if they unsure of maxing miki.
I get there can being better hero’s for them to max at there stage in the game, but miki at 3/70 isn’t capable of taken titan hits of 10* or higher with out help that don’t help much. He

Lol dude I’m telling you mikki 3.70 can endure a hit from a 14* titan with an axe and even without even using a turtle banner. So I don’t know wtf you are talking about when you say it’s false information…

Advising to max mikki when you fight a 8* titan and don’t have a big roster is a bad advice…

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I get they don’t have a big rosta and titan hits with miki on a 8* but i guess troops help you on your team.
I’m just saying from my personal experience I’d rather have him maxed then at 3/70. It’s cool

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