Mid-Small size merger?

Sent you discord invite. JustBcoz
Maybe we can work something out. :pray:

:slight_smile: my teammates are very interested in your post regarding possible alliance merger. We are a small group of very active and chatty players who just left a “less than active” alliance. One or one of your peeps should come visit us!!! We would love to have a chat.
War and Order. I hope to talk soon!

My apologies @Shatterhand, we are in the middle of a trial with one member of another alliance. They are currently just here to fight the Wed war with us, and going over our strategy.

If this goes well, then there might be a small merge.
I will keep you in the loop where we stand.
My alliance is currently at 17+1(trial member)

Thanks again for reaching out @Urghh

War and order

@3rica I will talk to 1 of my alliance member, he might jump over after the Wed war.
Cheers, thanks for reaching out !

Hey there!
I’m a Co-lead in seek~&~Destroy 1.0.
We are a top 100 alliance when full and due to recent departures we are looking for members to fill our 1.0 team and also join our 2.0 team which is for up and comers that are almost at that level.
If you are interested please look me up on LINE ypl1983

Hey there! I am the Leader of Rockets Red Glare. We are currently at 18 members. We have a lot of fun and ZERO drama. Most of our members have been with us for over a year. Folks stop in to try us out and end up finding a home with us. We are fighting 9-11 Star Titans. We do not use Line or Discord. We are “real life first” but are all very dedicated. We are very active in sharing gained and learned knowledge while helping each other grow. Check us out! Fight a Titan of two and stick around for War. We have a great time. Just use all 6 Flags for War beat down Titans and try your best! Does that sound like a fit?

I have sent the invitation to my alliance in our discord server. We will figure out and maybe send someone over!


This is my Titan team for purple Titan

Well, after a bit of time of trying with different alliance.
We couldn’t get a merger to happen. (Reason? I think we all get it, no one wants to actually drop their alliance and move)

So I’m starting the forum again.
Right now we are 16/30 and working away on 9* titans.

Merger or not we just want to provide a fun time for other people.
I can try to convince you that we are a fun alliance and we teach … But honestly

Best way, reach out at my discord name. And we can chat and you can come try us out.

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Hi Duskian
My alliance may be interested I’ve tried the discord but I’m not very familiar with it I can be contacted by AussieKat Maybe we can have a chat Thx

Hi again I also meant to say our alliance is Aussie Hangout again! We are a mix of Aussie’s and us been together a long time had a disaster merger as it sometimes goes
Anyway I will pop over after war and say hello cheers Kat

Hey Kat, sorry the friend request I missed it.
Just added you! Lookin forward to hear back !!

Empires & Puzzles Community Forum

East of the Equator looking for a couple of new members! 26/30, 12*-13* titans

Alliance Recruitment

East of the Equator looking for a couple of new members! 26/30, 12*-13* titans

Alliance Recruitment






Jun 15

We are East of the Equator, a member of the Equator Alliances. We are part of a larger community and all our players benefit from our group with:

—extensive resource library
—development and mentoring advice
—warm and welcoming team atmosphere: it all has to be for fun!
—International: Spanning the globe from Canada to Australia, English is our common language.

Spots are available in our team
—2400 cups entry
—Advanced and experienced players
—Socially Competitive. We hit hard but no midnight alarms needed!
—Daily play; hit the titan every day (unless it’s a declared rest day to recuperate flags)
—12* to 14* Titans
—War is optional, but those who opt in use all flags
— Discord required
— Participation rules enforced and failure to adhere results in punishment or expulsion

Fancy joining up or learning more? Drop by our Discord Server (just click on our link discord.gg/weSmVJyQeK) for a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other! (No one wants to waste good gaming time joining a team that isn’t a good fit!)

We have 5 teams and Equator Alliances consists of:
-East of the Equator: Daily play 12* plus
-West of the Equator: Daily play 11* plus
-Equator Immortals: Daily play 9* plus
-Newbies on the Equator: Training and development, 8* plus
-Chillaxing the Equator: Relaxing play, 5* plus

Our teams are ready and waiting for you if you like a good fight, want to learn more about the game and are over 18. Join the Equator Family of

@Reno1 I believe the poster is looking for a merger…

GL with your recruiting… Back to lurking :wink:

Over to you @Duskian staying on topic :wink:

Probably too late to the party, but come check out Legends of Sleepy Hollow if you are still looking for a place to land. We’re a feeder alliance for The Headless Horsemen as well, so if you’ve got some members looking for top 100 play there is that possibility.

It was just an offer. You are still welcome to join our knowledge base and large library even if we dont merge. It would be worth your time to check that out. No pressure about joining and its free.

And at the very least I bumped your ad

Haha, we had a good merger that took place! Sitting at 28/30 now!
So really I should change this to come join us singles! Or duo

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