Looking for an alliance to merge into... 8 players

Hello, we are a small group of players that will be disbanding our alliance and looking into moving into another.

Here is a pic of us and our trophies:

Rockdahouse is an IRL friend of ours and will be higher soon. He’s part of the package. If anyone is interested in having us let us know.


Hi RakeJay, I’m in an active alliance that currently has 19 members. I’m wondering if you may be a good fit with us and vice versa.

Level: our members range from levels 21-47 in basically a bell curve distribution, so I don’t think your members would be at all out of place. There’s no problem with one or more members being at a lower level; we were all there at some point and I think the general attitude in the alliance is that as long as those members are active and contributing, they can and should be helped and carried to some extent. That is, we recognize that if they’re not benefiting from Titan loot and whatnot, it’s harder for them to level up and become a bigger contributor. We are patient and take a long term view on things.

Titans: we’re currently hitting 5 and 6 star Titans. I don’t remember us ever failing to kill a 5 and we do decently on 6 right now. Maybe that’s not amazing, but that’s the truth of where we’re at right now.

War: we have a very active core of 11 members who participate in the wars. Last war we used all but 8 flags -a high participation level is VERY much the expectation. I need to know how active your members are in wars before we consider merging. We have kicked many members for opting into the war and then not using their flags. Please be brutally honest with me on this point. We’re fine with people opting out of the wars and hitting Titans (we have a number of players who do this and still hit the Titans hard), but if you’re in the war you need to use your flags.

Pay: I’m not sure, but I’d guess we have some C2P and I know we have some F2P members (including our two strongest members). But I don’t know more: it’s never been a real topic of conversation in the group. Whatever everyone chooses to do is fine.

One last issue: we have a leader who has gone inactive in the last two months (it’s worth noting that the leader is opted out of the wars, so they’re not hurting us there). To deal with this, we intend to dissolve the alliance and re-form with all the active members. We have not yet done this because we have agreed to first open our current War Chest first. We’re at, I think…17 right now, so we don’t want to surrender that progress. I know that’s a bit messy, and if that’s a deal breaker, then I understand and wish you well. But I wanted to be honest about where we’re at.

If you’re interested, please tell me a little bit more about your group. How active are you all, what are your goals, and if there’s anything else you think we should know about you. We’re a closed group, but I will give you the name and coordinate with your further if we look like a good fit.

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Hey thanks for the reply. We migrated to a new place a little after I posted this, But you guys sound like you might be a better fit. Message me again when you guys finish your chest and I’ll ask the group if we are happy or not.

You will be welcome to our EcuAssassin’s alliance, we are active and even have whatsapp chat

If you want, you can check us out. I am currently in our training alliance The Cheshire Cat, it has enough spots available. You’ll have a chance to grow to our main alliance: “Down the rabbit hole…”, which is top 200.

Here is the link to our recruitment message:

I will do that. Best of luck with your new alliance!

I was part of an alliance whose leader had been m.i.a. for over a year… But we were a strong alliance…So we JUST started a new alliance with some members who wanted to do exactly what you’re doing. So,WE NEED YOU GUYS!! :woman_shrugging: It would be great to have you all! Especially since we are “a brand new alliance” I think it would be very fitting to have another group merge with those of us who just did the same! The new alliance is “Protocyon” leader is Noxplode03 and co leader is me (Idkwthi’mdoingfk= I need to change my name as a beginner I had no idea what I was actually getting into lol) honestly love this game, though, I only started approx 3? Months ago I have been playing hard… :wink: Please check us out! :blush:

There were 8 members total who just began the new alliance Protocyon and 3 new players who have joined the alliance randomly so if anyone is interested in joining their welcome to!

@RakeJay I posted my comments prior to reading all of the comments in full… I apologize as I see that you found an alliance. And regarding the other alliance who is about to start a new one… it is quite strange going from high level titans etc… to essentially starting over, but hopefully it will be totally worth it! :blush: I wanted to lyk that I love your team members names…I am in Iowa… very familiar with the great lakes area (our alliance has someone from Sweden, and some from all over… and the U.S… so some diversity) I really got a giggle from the member names, and I just love it!! (Golden :laughing:) I love that it’s a group of friends too… that’s awesome! I definitely need to change my name… and need to get creative! Lol I had never played any game like this before and am still learning…SO much to learn!! I.never thought I would ever be addicted to anything like this… but it’s been a lot of fun… and has been so helpful for me during a time in my life when I’ve had of a ton of extra time on my hands…lol Anyway…
Good luck to you all with the merging &/or with starting new @IvyTheTerrible too! :v:

You can join our alliances if you want, nice active and supportive people. Main alliance is full though. AKA Traggeter:

Hi 1South Africa is a training alliance who has space if you want to chat about merge pls send me msg in line. Dragongirlkzn

@RakeJay, I’m following up, as we discussed; did your alliance move work out?

We alliance hopped for a while and had a really hard time fitting in with an already established group of players. Therefore we created our own again. We’re almost back to our original strength and have a fun little theme going on haha.

Thanks for the original invite you seem very nice and i personally would have like to join, but it seems like we are just gonna slowly build our alliance this way :slight_smile:


Line id: jrigs

Hit me up

hahaha - Best of luck! I’m glad you found a good solution. Maybe we’ll run into each other in a war someday!

I know you’re missing your leader, so you would be more than welcome to join into us! Just a friendly offer to consider.

Thanks, but we ALSO decided to re-form. In an odd twist, they elected ME to lead. It’s too bad though - I think we would have been an interesting and fun match, but it looks like we now add up to too many players to sneak under the cap of 30. If that were not the case, I’d be interested, as I’m not convinced I wear the mantle of leadership well.

We only have like 10 real members. So I can make room for 20 incoming. And I can promote you to co lead immediately if that sweetens the deal haha.