East of the Equator looking for a couple of new members! 26/30, 12*-13* titans

We are East of the Equator, a member of the Equator Alliances. We are part of a larger community and all our players benefit from our group with:

—extensive resource library
—development and mentoring advice
—warm and welcoming team atmosphere: it all has to be for fun!
—International: Spanning the globe from Canada to Australia, English is our common language.

Spots are available in our team
—2400 cups entry
—Advanced and experienced players
—Socially Competitive. We hit hard but no midnight alarms needed!
—Daily play; hit the titan every day (unless it’s a declared rest day to recuperate flags)
—12* to 14* Titans
—War is optional, but those who opt in use all flags
— Discord required
— Participation rules enforced and failure to adhere results in punishment or expulsion

Fancy joining up or learning more? Drop by our Discord Server (just click on our link discord.gg/weSmVJyQeK) for a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other! (No one wants to waste good gaming time joining a team that isn’t a good fit!)

We have 5 teams and Equator Alliances consists of:
-East of the Equator: Daily play 12* plus
-West of the Equator: Daily play 11* plus
-Equator Immortals: Daily play 9* plus
-Newbies on the Equator: Training and development, 8* plus
-Chillaxing the Equator: Relaxing play, 5* plus

Our teams are ready and waiting for you if you like a good fight, want to learn more about the game and are over 18. Join the Equator Family of Alliances!


Friendly and competitive. If you are looking to be in a alliance outside the top 100 and still be competitive consider East of the Equator.


Check us out. Its free

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Recently I attempted to join East of the Equator, the premier performance team among the equatorial alliances. I was encouraged instead to join West, the semi-performance team, which is a better fit for my troop levels & roster of heroes.

However, the Equator discord server is open to all Equator members (and knowledge seekers who have not yet decided to join), and we all chat and share tips and war stories there. As Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD would tell you, “It’s a magical place.” Join up and see for yourself.

IMPORTANT: For a limited time only, all new members receive a free Dawa!!



Still recruiting, come on down!

We are still recruiting join up while you can

Pop on over to our Discord!
We’re a friendly group - feel free to stop by and ask us what we are about. No every clan is for everyone, but with us having more than a few, there’s a good chance one of them may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Now… if you happen to be unfamiliar with Discord? No problem! We’re happy to teach you how to use that too! It’s the best free group chatting tool out there! Not only can we communicate with our own clan members far more affectively than with the in game chat, we can also chat with the entire Equator group of members + have a library of game play knowledge at our fingertips!

Just enter the link below in a web browser (you’ll have to create an account - it’s free!) and you’ll be taken to our server (chat “hotel” - cause it’s way more than just a chat room!)

Always free to chat!


Still here and East of the Equator (and other Equator Teams) still recruiting. Try us: discord.gg/weSmVJyQeK

One size doesn’t fit all - so why join an alliance with only one option?

Join an alliance group that can provide you with a clan no matter what speed you are growing at: We’ve got clans for the super star players all the way to the relaxed (somewhat anyway) easy going gamer.

Check us out at:

Looking for a few more. We are keeping active over the summer.

We are still recruiting

The place to be for Empires & puzzles!
There simply isn’t a more stable, balanced & drama free clan as those in the Equator group!
Playing at the East of the Equator Level requires much time - who wants it spent on drama?
Stop by our Discord for more info! (ps: our discord server does have pretty tight security - when you drop it there won’t be much to see - hang on a few minutes and the team will give you access to more of the site after answering a few questions. Wer’re worth the wait!)


We are still recruiting

Come on over to our discord chat server for a visit!
We’re friendly, over lots of alliance choices while letting you play you!

Discord server id: discord.gg/weSmVJyQeK

Hello. Do you need a change of pace or need a more active alliance? Then swing on over to East of the Equator.

If you are looking for a way to build on knowledge and skills and want a less active alliance to hone in on those skills before moving into our more active alliance then you can check out the West side of the Equator. Also known as “West of the Equator”.

We also have a relaxed, very low demanding, “Chillaxing” alliance for when you need an alliance for a more demanding “real life” scenario.

Come on, just check us out.
Fun, knowledgeable , and respectful players are here.
The best way to reach one of our leaders or just want to see some of our actions in E&P, just go here Discord server id: discord.gg/weSmVJyQeK

We are still recruiting

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Come and join us
few spots open

If you’re looking for a new alliance, head East!
Great group of players!

We are still recruiting

They don’t make em much steadier than Equator clans!

Stop on by and see if it’s a fit for you?
Just click on the link below!

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