Looking to merge with a team of 13 at most

Hi. I’m looking to merge the alliance I’m a co leader in with another of 13 or less. Were a good alliance full of friendly people. We’ve lost about 10 people in the last month due to life or unhappiness with the game. What’s left is the solid every day players. We work together for wars and normally are solid at taking down 10* with the odd 11* but due to less members have slipped down to 8/9*.

Plenty of nationalities all speaking English from around the world. We want to find some players or a team that want to join who match our mentality. We use all flags for war, cooperate on titans and talk plenty in chat. We have a discord but it’s optional. Were a strong group of 4000+ and majority are level 50+ with a few just closing in on that mark.

Feel free to message me if interested in any of the above. Thanks

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Our main alliance is a group of 20 so we do not meet your 13 or less requirement. But if you are interested I’ll be happy to discuss further. My line id is bayken10. We are an international friendly alliance in Drama Free Reboot. Here is our ad below. Wish you the best either way :slight_smile:

Bit confused about what your suggesting. I’m assuming you represent more than one alliance and are interested in merging one that isn’t your main possibly with us. Is that correct? Love the pic though dude

Sorry for the mixup. Let me explain what I have in mind. We have 3 alliances one main a sister and a brother. Your we have 10 spots open in main and get it up to 12 easily. For the rest we can get creative such as shifting some people from main to sister to accomodate all 17. Merger will result with 12-13 star titan hitting powerful alliance.

Thanks for the good word on the ad by the way :slight_smile:

Do consider Dark Tide we are a very friendly group, strategize all wars and kill 90% of titans

Just checked your team and you have 18 members. Were looking for a team of 13 at max to merge with.

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Hi bayken sorry about the long reply time Ive been chatting with some of our members. Somebody has left since yesterday also fed up with game and didn’t want to be a burden as part of a merger. A few that I have spoken to seem interested but are curious about how this will all go down. Any thoughts on how this might move forward. Have you done any mergers before?

No problem at all. This will be a first for merge for me as well. I think merged party is granted number of co-leader and elder spots and rules regarding the alliance is discussed and agreed before merger. Let me invite you to our discord account for further discussion.

We can discuss further on discord or if you prefer line just send me your id so our leadership can get into contact with you.

So, I hope this comes across in a satisfactory manner. I have a group of 14 currently. I am in a group of 2 alliances…one of which is very laid back…kinda like a vacation alliance. Missing a titan…or a war…is acceptable. The 2nd is not. “Together we’ll win 2” is more competitive. I don’t know if your numbers are still the same, but I would love the 2 to join. Your group is more advanced than ours and since I am in a family alliance, I’d be asking you all to join with me. Our group is on line under the tag “backwardzz”. If you think it is a possibility, please let me know.

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