Merlin or Proteus? 🤔


To clarify, in case this is misread by others, this means they can regenerate or steal mana, even while a status effect affecting mana generation is active, and this is confirmed to be intended behavior:

@Dante2377 wrote a nice explanation on this, which goes into useful detail (click through for more, only quoting the most salient part, and note that this explanation predates Onatel’s release):


Technically, Onatel is stealing, not regenerating. So just to be 100% clear:

You hit Onatel with Proteus’ status effect, and she can still steal mana from others through her special.

But if Onatel and Proteus both affect the same target at the same time, then Onatel won’t steal mana from that hero until Proteus’ status effect goes away. Thus:


Cheers, thanks for clarifying my comments, I’ve tidied it up so no one is led astray in the future.


Yes, thanks, good further clarification. The explanation about Albe predates Onatel, obviously. I’ll edit for further clarify.


I think the problem was my unclear comment that @Zephyr1 was trying to clear up. I just figured I’d clarify the clarification :slight_smile:


One more for the newer players but not exactly on the OP topic:

Hansel and Gretel, from Grimm Forest have a similar niche to Merlin although less spectacular.
When an enemy is under their special it continues to gain mana but when reaching 100% the enemy takes damage and loses 50% of the mana.
This means they work well with Onatel in the same team and also help tame her when on opposite teams.
Hansel is fast mana, hit one, Gretel is average mana hit three for damage but still one target for mana control.

Hope some of this helped @ochartier. In a few months you may have both Merlin and Proteus maxed and can come back to give us your verdict.


Summed up perfectly. I don’t think it is a layup for either. I tend to use Merlin more now.


A raised proteus earns you rare missions, events, emblem missions, raids, is undoubtedly a superclass, at the level of Wu or above.


I’ve allready started using both, and while I agree proteus is 100% overall better, Merlin shines against strong and slow mana ennemies and other specific situations.

When Isarnia, Alberich, Mother North (etc) are close to firing, proteus will save you 3 turns, but Merlin will allow you to reset them from the start, taking them a lot more then 3 turns to get back to full mana with their slow speed.

Also, since the ennemy tank usually dies pretty quick, in the second phase of the fight, Proteus looses 1/3 of his efficiency, only being able to hit 2 enemies instead of 3.


I agree completely with what you say, there are situations where Merlin is better, there are probably more times where Proteus is better but you are in a good position with both.

My most oft used raid team has Proteus and Hansel. Proteus throws the blanket freeze and Hansel cuts mana back with a precision scalpel.

If I ever draw Merlin I would want to level him.


Well, I have three Proteus, now I just need to quench their thirst.


I have 3 of them , will level all , one after the other . Even the yet to be fully leveled proved its worth in the class event .


I’ll follow suit.

20 characters.


I use both Proteus and Merlin on raids. Merlin is also on talent grid level 4, Proteus has 20 levels left until max.
I win 5 out of 6 raids against yellow tanks with a 4:1 purple team including those two. Normally going 5-600 cups above my team strengths (40+ cup gain) and allows me to fight back to diamond on a daily basis.

I love both, but I love Proteus more. The mana freeze for 3 enemies is a total game changer.
Same for challenge events. If I had 2 more Proteus-es, I would level them.

I have 2 more Merlins and they are waiting.


I find in Diamond Merlin is better for me. Both being average mana in a world of fast mana by the time they are ready to fire enemy heros are charged. Merlin causes them to harm themselves/another but they lose all their mana.


I thought opponents under Merlin’s special only attacked their own with slash damage.


That’s absolutely correct. What I was trying to say was: “if you dump enough tiles into it to make the mana bar full such that it would normally fire, it will instead damage it’s own team with a slash attack.”

I’ll edit the post. Good catch!