2nd Proteus or Merlin?

Hey veterans, I have a maxed Proteus, unleveled Proteus plus Merlin. In fact I’m leaning toward 2nd Proteus :thinking:

Another question: I also maxed Grimm, Kiril and Triton, and have a duplicate of each (don’t have Sonya :disappointed_relieved:). I really want to keep them all :grin: but which blue hero should I start level next?

Interesting question.

Merlin is more like Hansel, so you can not only stop mana and dump tiles…you can decrease mana/HP.

They’re both wizards so they’ll fight for emblems.

A second Proteus gives you an advantage in wars. I’ve never brought two to a boss challenge or a raid, but staggering their specials would keep 3 from firing the entire time.

If they were different colors I might say Merlin, but Proteus is too good. Merlin is second fiddle. I have him at 3/60 where he will stay.

Proteus also plays well with 5* heroes and can survive on the wing, especially when emblemed with a good crit/def troop.

Merlin not so much. For me anyways.

So Proteus. For the war and titan advantage (his attack is good) and the offensive novelty of fighting with two if needed.


Merlin provides a different function and can be useful against clerics who have the manashield.

@holmanski 's assessment is correct but if you want to have varied bench there is no downside in leveling Merlin before Proteus 2.


I was about to level Merlin for diversity but Proteus is really a game changer and I take him to almost every fight so I’m still wondering lol
What about my blue heroes? Any recommendation?

I kinda like a variety in what I can use.
Both are good I’d take merlin to 3/60 see how you get on with him!
For your blue I’d go kiril always need healers!


Can never have too many proteus for wars or even the class challenge. It helps a lot to just keep the bosses locked out of mana. Merlin doesn’t quite do that. For the duplicate blue, it’s gotta be kiril, again with wars in mind.


This point is key. I was in a similar situation where I had Proteus maxed with emblems and then pulled a Merlin. I started leveling Merlin and then got a second Proteus. I figured that having Merlin as an option is good because of the manashield and other heroes who have similar abilities that protect against mana drain or status. As Merlin’s ability is not affected by that, you can drain the target’s mana. An example would be against Kunchen or Rigard. I’ve fired Proteus’ special, but they resist and soon after cleanse anyone who was mana-locked.

Having variety is never a problem, as they solve different issues. Obviously you use their specials differently as Proteus has DOT and can essentially bypass riposte because he doesn’t do any initial damage.

As for your blues, I would pick Kiril, assuming that you don’t have an abundance of other healers.


I’d max a dupe Kiril first, over Grimm and triton. Triton’s heal buff might be nice in another stack for war… maybe paired with grazul who’s % isn’t stellar anyway. :thinking:


I am all for Proteus in all honesty. Because his mana stop is invaluable. Although @Quinn3 brings up a very good point with Merlin in which his attack can bypass the manashield where as Proteus on the other hand, it gets stopped if said manashield kicks in.

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I just ascended Merlin over a 2nd Proteus. Why? I like variety. Merlin also looks fun to use. Having said that Proteus #2 is next unless another good purple pops up.

Sorry Vlad your way back in line.

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i did Merlin as second also emblemed , reason is for diversity , Proteus to hold mana gain , Merlin to cancel ult cast , they both in different use , i am doing 2nd Proteus after done with Merlin


I don’t have either but from facing them I’d go Proteus. A second can be massively useful in wars/stacks/Atlantis/etc.

For Blue, a dupe Kiril is useful for wars if you’re short of healers. OTOH Grimm will be a well-used hero for a long time. His def down combined with a heavy hitter makes a wicked 1-2 punch in wars. I even use him with Richard for a devastating attack. Dupe Grimms are also used by players in the challenge events to do well.

So, which do you need more, attack or heal?

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A 2nd Proto and then Merlin.
In the end Proto is more useful, since he freezes 3, Merlin only affects 1, but drops his mana to 0.

Merlin and Cheshire together are very cool, when a fully charged thread will be swapped to tank and Merlin is able to calm him down.

I often take 2 Proto into a fight and 2 of him will probably prevent 3 bosses from casting at all without using items, but warflags with Cheshire and Merlin are also funny.



I have Hansel, but no Merlin… if, as stated above, he functions as Hansel does… I would say Merlin… especially if you need another hero in your Purple Stack.

Proteus is helpless against someone who has already filled up and is ready to fire their SS… Hansel has been invaluable in this sense when paired with Proteus.

It’s sort of an “oh *&#$ button” in case I accidentally let someone fill up with mana and was unable to do anything about it… you can then drop it with Merlin, and freeze it with Proteus.

Disclaimer: I do back up thia line of reasoning whole heartedly, the one caveat being Merlin Does indeed kill mana after it is already filled up. It may also be because I dont have but Want Merlin… and I just ascended my 2nd Proteus to the final tier :slight_smile:


I have Grimm, Triton, Gormek, Chao, Lixiu, Proteus as attackers, and Rigard, Melendor, Boldtusk, Kiril as healers.
The other heroes are Wilbur, Kadilen, Seshat at 3/60.

Hey veteran, regarding emblem, which path would you go with Proteus/Merlin?

Emblems. I went Defense and Health. His attack is good but I need him alive to fire.


As other said, their function is different and can be specular.
One is good before mana is full, the other when it is already too late to stop mana.

Two Proteus may be able to stop an entire team, but all their skills can be wiped out by a single cleanser.

Merlin can mindless attack that cleanser, making more effective his mana stop.


For fighting wars it’s good to have six healers, one per team. More for facing arrow barrage. You currently have 4. If wars are important to you then go Kiril.

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I’ve made my decision.
Thank you guys for your help. I highly appreciate it :hugs:

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