Merc merc merc and merc some more

Can some one please explain to me why mercs hang around in alliance recruitment? Like its not daunting enough trying to recruit active players. Why do they feel the need to pretend they are looking, for attention. Especially after war, like a.r ain’t going nuts as it is. Hey john :heart: hru and all that falsness makes me cringe. I would just like to thank e&p for nerfing their loot. Keep up the good work, why not find a good home and become a team player like the rest of us? Speak to your alliance members and become a tight team. Instead of begging for attention. No offence intended here, just curious


Cuz they love the attention… And board from this game. And enjoy to do massive hits vs weak titan to make thier ego happy.
My alliance stoped mercing when we hit 7 star titans, we ar now facing 10/11. Merc dont come to hit this titans cuz even they can get a 10k hit vs them


I find much more attenction seeker the evergreen alliance drama.


  • oh my god you are not attacking so we have to kick you because you don’t respect others!! (It’s just a game buddy)

  • oh my god you promoted him but not me i deserve more promotion then him because titles makes me important!! (No, they’re not)

  • oh my god half of the alliance want to do this but then the other half of the alliance want to do that so we split in two and make another alliance which badtalk all the other ex-members!! (again, it’s a game)

  • self proclamed god leader want to be in top 100 and keep trying to do strange strategy and force people to absurd rules.

Want me to continue?


Well, players are free to do whatever they choose, and that includes being a merc. And frankly, some alliances from time to time need merc to help them bring down a titan. So the way I see it, it is a win-win situation. Alliances get to finish titans to get rewards; and mercs get to boost their egos (or whatever they are looking for). No one is at a loss here.

Hahahahah I feel ya. Back stabbed everywhere

Hahahaha yesssss. We was the same. Used to let them in on small titans, they do only like hitting 5/6* titans cause then they strut around cause they think they have scored a belter. Go back into a.r and brag about a 70k hit but dont say what titan :rofl:

Is your name mercalisious? :rofl:

They are always in Alliance Recruitment strutting around without an alliance , I had my fair share of “Merc” experiences , when I didn’t know he /she was a Merc asked them to join some are nice enough to say they are Mercs others play mind games , others say sorry not looking …
you soon get used to those certain names and you auto ignore them,
carry on as per usual with recruitng…:yum:

This is absolutely false. Maybe your experience with lower level titans makes your think they only hit small titans. But I have seen mercs work on every level titan out there.

Why does it matter how other play the game. You can stick to your alliance and they can lend a hand to folks who ask for it. Everyone doesn’t have to enjoy the game in the same way.

Also, this is petty. Give me a break.


As I said in original post, my frustration is when they like to play attention seeking games after war when everyone is recruiting. Acting like they are looking when they really aint. I think I can vouch for most recruiters they like to get in and get out. It’s very hard when you end up chasing a merc who has no interest except to make them selves feel popular

I haven’t seen many get catfished by Mercs, but if its actually happening, thats a bummer. 99% of Mercs i have dealt with have been quality folks who only help when asked and occasionally stick around when invited.

I guess we are targeting different groups.


No you are right. There are some pretty awsome mercs out there. Sadly the ones that like to do the above on a.r drive me mental cause you are trying your best to land a lurker and end up missing them due to a ‘catfish’ :rofl:

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Someone who took full advantage of mercing rares when they gave emblems all the time.

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FWIW, the best recruits that we have gotten are from the forum, not in game chat.

It takes longer with the forum, but the quality is about 1000% better.

happy hunting


Appreciate this advice. Thank you

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I’ve never understood why ppl complain and whine about mercs? It’s available to everyone, it’s not a secret and it’s a way to help other alliances. I use to merc all the time when I started playing 2+ years ago. It’s how I met many ppl in the game.

They’re were times I didn’t even stay for the loot so other mercs could come in and finish the job.

Are there some mercs that took advantage of the system sure but to name call ppl because they themselves don’t want to play a certain way is uncalled for in my opinion.


We use mercs a few times a month. Normally when we have people on vaca or we get behind due to stringing 6 11* in a row and a Rare pops up when we were planning a pass. Mercs, IMHO, are generous, helpful, and courteous (Of course there are bad apples).

I would not consider myself a Merc, but when we are on a pass, I lurk in AR, +20, or global and find folks that are in a bind. I donate a flag or two and leave before the titan is dead (unless i take the kill shot). The loot is garbage at this point anyway, So its better to just help our those in need are return home.


I have no problem with most mercs and have been helped out by many that are great people. There are more than a few, however, that like to screw with desperate people trying to recruit in AR. Instead of hanging out in the general chat, these players will go in AR naked (w/o alliance) and just bait people into trying to recruit them. It’s worse when other regulars in there know what’s going on and think it’s funny. If you try to clue people in to the attention seeking, you get blocked and possibly falsely reported for harassment. It’s pretty sad.


Most mercs don’t do it for attention. Mercs isn’t attention seekers! They do it to help struggling alliances and to meet new people. Sometimes an alliance needs a small push to get them back on track. Mercs will always be around.

(1) When I was in merc LINE group as a moderator. Every day, every hour there’s always an alliance asking help from Mercs.
(2) Every day, every hour there’s always an alliance asking help from Mercs in AR
(3) Why they’re not joining an alliance? Not everyone has lots of time to be in the game or in an alliance with many rules. They have much more important things to do in a real life.

Please be noticed and aware!
Mercs will never get any emblems or any other ascension items. Mercs have to be in an alliance before a titan spawns to get the chance to the rare loot. (4* mat).

Before anyone accuses Mercs please upgrading the knowledge of the game. I don’t need any further discussions.

A guide for an alliance asking a merc:

Thank you. Cheers :slight_smile:

#Istand4Mercs #Mercs4fairness


Funny you mention that, because you see. I asked about “cup droppers” before, easy way to fill your Diamond Chest, use a crap defense revenge yada yada I’m sure you know how it goes.

What was I told? “Its not against the rules.” So its perfectly acceptable for an entire alliance to use grimy tactics such as cup dropping. Retrospectively, there is no nor was there ever any rules against mercenaries in particular what he (one you shown) has done.

So, I can only speculate as to blatant bias one scenario receives while others are completely ignored.

The biggest bias that sticks out?

Mercs are the only aspect that isn’t just a “problem” for players.

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