Neeeed mercs .. 5* purple titan

I’m new to this part of the game but we need some help bringing down a titan. Alliance is called Ten’s Rookies. Please help lol

Put a hole in it for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed you did! Thank you. We lost all but two of our heavy hitters yesterday so we’ll likely need help as we rebuild. Remember us and pop in anytime :slight_smile:

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A fellow Guardian, Crow, has volunteered their services

He’s been and gone! Thank you :blush:
Now we’ll be able to bring it down quickly and regenerate for the next one. If we need help again - can I find you guys here ?

Sorry - still not sure of the proper etiquette

Always worth asking, we’ll see where we are with our own titan :blush:

You’ll have to find your alliances natural level. It’s best to call off attacks at 11 hours if you aren’t at 50% health…then you have full flags for the next one.

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That’s what we did on the last one. It was a first titan for 4 new people so I didn’t want to pass again if we could avoid it. We may have to call off the next but at least we’ll have one ‘win’ in between :slight_smile:

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I’ve written before how I don’t like mercs who join an alliance uninvited. This is why I’m jumping into your conversation …

I fully approve of mercs joining an alliance when they’ve been invited and are welcomed.

Good luck to all of you!

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I can see how that would be annoying/rude … it’s a whole different ballgame when an alliance specifically asks for help… I feel like the two situations are completely different. Uninvited- seems kind of like stealing (?) I’m still new so I don’t really know but that’s how it would come across to me.

@JonahTheBard JtB may I also ask for your help? We have 9* Blue Unicorn and it is a bit above our reach. We fight 8* as standard and it gave us an upgrade to 9* just when the rare was about to appear.
Thanks in advance.


How far behind are you? A 9* unicorn is a big challenge and I might not make much difference!

There is 1.32m out of 2.37m hp left (about 55%). 13.5 hours left to go. Yes, alliance name is correct. We just need a bit to get on track.

Thanks a lot @JonahTheBard ! The poem about ‘A Capture of the Ninth Unicorn’ will follow soon :slight_smile:

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Make sure my telescope is included :rofl:

Hola. We’re closer today than the last one but could use some help if you or your comrades are available… Ten’s Rookies :slight_smile:

@JonahTheBard @Kerridoc

Jonah, what happened with Kerridoc?
Haven’t seen him a while and didn’t see any leaving card or something like that :slight_smile:
Hope he’s doing well.

Kerridoc retired some months ago.

He is deeply missed, but was offered an opportunity to work on stopping climate change :blush:

A true hero, through and through

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:smiley: It’s good to know that the World is now saved!
It’s in the good hands of Kerridock.
Thanks for this, couldn’t find it anywhere.

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