(GUIDE) Asking HELP from MERCS :)

This is a guide for an alliance looking a merc.

If you have seen an alliance ask for a help and the post isn’t completed. You can use the template below.

Asking for[#00ff00] MERC[#ffffff] ——-> Please provide the information in[#00ff00] ONE POST:[#f7be81] Titan of *, [#ffaadd]Color, [#d0a9f5]Time left, [#00ffff]Point or Hp left & [#FFD700]Spot left …[#f5f6ce] Ps: Let the door OPEN!

(1) If you are looking for a merc in LINE groups. Moderator in Line groups are AlveTheSaint @Ralsha and @MetalMel. Also, please see the attachment below.
(2) If you want to post in AR, General, Off- Topic, lv 20+ or PS, please don’t spam give the time spare 5 mins

[#00ff00] [MERC WANTED]:skull: [#f5f6ce] Titan remaining, HP left, Titan colors and Titan * - Spots left [#00ffff]:skull: Door is OPEN!

Please be noticed and aware!
Mercs will never get any emblems or any other ascension items. Mercs have to be in an alliance before a titan spawns to get the chance for the rare loot. (4* mat).

Most mercs don’t do it for attention. Mercs isn’t attention seekers! They do it to help struggling alliances and to meet new people. Sometimes an alliance needs a small push to get them back on track. Mercs will always be around.

#Istand4Mercs #Mercs4fairness

Thank you. Cheers :slight_smile:


Awesome info!! Thanks @Heyalexa ! I’m sure this will help a lot of teams

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I love this almost as much as you gal! Awesome as always! I can help post some tips as well.

And I agree in full. Mercs aren’t attention seeking but seeking to help people. Very often they will have wealth of knowledge you can put to use and love to share. They are community helpers. They should be treated with respect and thankfulness. Those who speak ill of this part of the game need to educate themselves and engage in the community.


I have nothing against mercs. At least, not those who openly admit to being mercs. When you have that one titan that is about to get away and nobody online has any flags, mercs can be a godsend. I haven’t had to recruit any for my current alliance yet - and I’m hesitant to do so, only because I don’t want my alliance fighting titans that we can’t take on our own anyway, but otherwise I would be completely open to bringing in a merc (and I would never kick one before they got their loot, that’s just evil).

The only mercs that I don’t like are the ones who randomly join alliances, kill their titans then leave without so much as a how-do-you-do. Don’t try to merc for me if I didn’t ask for one. (not saying that most mercs do this, but there are a few players who do, which is one of the reasons I keep my alliance set to invite only)

Hello TGW,

(1) Not everyone (Mercs) doesn’t have a home alliance. Probably means they have a Titan pass and just want to come to help straighten come back home.

(2) As I mentioned above, some people choose to be a Merc because they have a very busy real life such as a job. Probably means, they helped in their spare time.

(3) Probably, when they’re joining an alliance, they don’t feel comfortable.

Those above are my own assumed and see things from a different perspective as my past experiences as a moderator in Merc line groups or myself currently as a merc.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I understand all of that, I wasn’t insulting mercs at all. I apologize if there was a misunderstanding.

My alliance has not used mercs because we haven’t had to yet, but I am willing to recruit one if we ever need one. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s all good. You haven’t insulted and I’ve just been explained. Cheers :slight_smile:


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