🌿 Memento seasonal event


I use Gimp, FastStone Capture and Paint.

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Thanks! Really appreciate it. I’m going to do one and mention you for this information and all the ones you’ve done to help all of us.

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Does some one have some record of the bosses max hp for each level?
Mainly want to know that do the last lvl bosses have less hp because there is 3 of them (compared to second to last lvl for example).

Amazing work, as always. Thank you so much for making these beautiful and effective infographics!

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During beta test Mother North had 5692 on stage 24 advanced.

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This still true friends?

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Anybody know when Springvale starts? Presumably in the next week or so?

Speculation has it starting March 27 or 28

I think March 27 - April 9
(Easter Event)

@Mariamne “Natlaya” Dear… Could you connect with me on LINE razorenp or if you don’t have direct email: RaZoR@EnPHero.com - need your opinion on a project please! RaZ


hmmm so this is wrong, update?

We can only guess. See this thread for updated guesses:

@Mariamne I’m sure you’ve gotten lots of messages already about it, so here’s one more for the thread :smiley:

It looks like the loot for Springvale has been considerably upgraded since the first time it was live, to match the other seasonal events


SpringVale update
I hope i don’t do mistake :rabbit:


Little correction on stage 19 springvale


Corrections on energy cost. Sorry

@zephyr1 Perhaps you could use the new picture on your topic


@Mariamne Fantastic work! I’ve updated the Springvale 2019 thread. :slight_smile:

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Update Sand empire stage 11 12 13 14. Now final monsters are indicated (how many and color)
Add “hidden” tables : level iron food cookies … etc


@Mariamne I noticed the food, iron and recruits table isn’t completed past 14 advanced. Do you need the numbers for it? I can take SS when I finish mine.

Love your graphics! Thanks for sharing! I just need @Pois1 to put his hero status effects icon table on downloadable jpeg format that’s easy to export to line for alliance folders and I’m set. :wink:

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Yes if you can. I give you a cookie :cookie:.


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