🌿 Memento seasonal event

Ok. I’m taking SS as I go. Would it be better to put them all together in a PDF, Excel/sheets or .DOC file and send them that way

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Thanks you for these.

Helped a lot to finish my first Advanced Stage 20 Sand Empire. I needed the Darts and 3* / 4* battle items and ingredients.

Being able to swap in, and swap out, three heroes to fight the mobs and bosses made is faster and less nerve racking.

Rigard and Melendor ran the whole event with Proteus doing most stages without a solo purple boss. Wu Kong, and Jackal, did most of the solo purple boss stages.

Shout out to emblems ( I rage quit before 2018 Sand Empire due to 5* heroes summons rate and 4* ascension item drop rate).


Just report values like
Or link excel google sheet

As you prefer :wink:

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I saved the images to a Dropbox shareable document. Let me know if you need me to type it up. Won’t have take tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Or if anyone else wants to type it to a chart real quick you can view the SS with that link.

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Really thanks, it’s perfect. I reported values now.
:cake: :wink:


Awe! You didn’t have to @ me! You’re too sweet! It was the least I could do for you after using your graphics over a year now. They are a wonderful resource tool!:kissing_heart:


Why don’t seasonal summons have families? I earned several over the holiday, but now I realize they don’t have a family bonus. Thanks!

They announced that seasonal events will be updated… So I guess more heroes and family will be added

linky link for what @Rfm is talking about:

Bigger Seasonal Events: All Seasonal Events will be updated to include new heroes and rewards. More information coming later in 2020!

Start of the Most Epic Empires Decade Yet - 2020 Sneak Peek!

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New Easter seasonal event ( April 2020 )


Rewards (updated 2020.04.06)

All in one (updated 2020.04.06)

![lapin xp|541x500]


Merci beaucoup Cap :kissing_heart:
Encore un énorme travail de fait pour toute la communauté. Mille mercis

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Thank you very much for your effort to provide us this information.

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Thanks 20 characters worth, @cap

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Merci @cap :smiley: :+1:

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Tnx Cap, just strange size :sunglasses:

NEW sand empire (june 2020)



All in one



Oh roc is eagle and thanks @cap


Thank you @cap; I like the lamp and hourglass graphics to illustrate how the new mechanic works/looks.


Is this the official quest sheet or just from beta?

Info from beta. Subject to changes

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