🔵 [May 03, 2020] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Beat it with maxed Wu Kong/Ariel/Wilbur/Mist + 3/60 Boril. Not an optimal team but it wasn’t very dramatic. Used one dragon and a few mana pots.


No changes to last time in my team and also as last time I needed some bombs to finish off Boril at the end :grin:

Emblems go to Joon for node 19 (53 at the moment) and Ariel for node 16. Trainer will go to White Rabbit once Clarissa is done.


I struggled with this today.
The bosses I mean. I ended up using almost all Minor Health, Minor Mana and Turtle Banners. And I DID use 5 Bomb Attacks.

Rigard / Mist / Joon / Hansel / Wilbur

I should have switched out Mist for my second Hansel.
But, I managed to do it at least, with no hero deaths


Team last time

Team this time

I swapped out Wilbur for Mist to test her luck in this Trial. Not sure if one run is enough to determine her worth here, so I’ll likely try her again next time. She did… OK, but didn’t make it to closing time, so I can’t say it was any better results than before.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to my shiny new Gravy who just made final ascension this morning. Thanks for another reset SG!


My team this time:

  • Wilbur +20
  • Leonidas 3^70
  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Li Xiu +20
  • Boril +20

Compared to last time, Wilbur is up one talent, and that’s basically all that changed. The fight didn’t go much differently, either. Mob waves are not a problem; can’t hit the bosses hard enough to do jack squat, even with Wilbur’s def down and Chef Boldtusk’s attack up. Once again, after some early success, the board turned almost entirely green, and keeping up with Tuck’s heal and mana buff was too much. Wilbur got taken out on a double hit, then Leo and Li went down, so I felt good about getting out with only a dragon, two bombs, and three axes used. This might be my least favorite of the trials now, since I anticipate that the Trials of Justice will get easier with the addition of KISS Tiburtus soon. Not sure there is any immediate help on the horizon for this trial. Costume Skittleskull?

Monk emblems take Wu Kong to +2. Cleric emblems being saved for Vivica, and the trainer hero gets her tantalizingly close to being able to claim them (4^79).


This is one of the trials I dislike the most, because I hate not being able to dispel Boril’s riposte, Vivica’s defense buff and Friar Tuck’s mana regen UNLESS I have Mnesseus along. And Round 2’s Vivica/Boril and Round 3’s Boril/Tuck combinations are just extremely annoying. I’ve suicided on riposte enough that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to not be able to dispel it…

I did use Mnesseus, Bjorn and costummed Brienne to great effect in the first two Rounds. Then for Round 3, I selected…

  • Rigard: healing + cleanse Joon’s blind
  • costumed Skittles: attack debuff + strong color vs. waves
  • Mnesseus: to dispel Boril and Tuck (and hope/pray I can keep him alive)
  • Joon: pure sniping damage and blind
  • Aeron: double-up on strong color versus Joon, HoT counters Boril’s riposte somewhat

Hoped that this combination would keep Mnesseus alive. Well, I buckled myself in for a long, long, long ride…

(also did this while cooking dinner, so forgot to screenshot during the battle… yeesh!)

Enemy Joon fired thrice, missed twice due to being blinded by my own Joon. When Joon did hit, damage was softened due to Skittles’ debuff. I would cycle through Boril / Tuck firing, dispelling with Mnesseus, and healing with Aeron/Rigard to keep Mnesseus alive. I would do a one-two punch with Mnesseus, where Mnesseus’ weaker attack meant riposte didn’t kill him, allowing Joon to hit safely.

Joon fell first, then after a while, Tuck. And finally, after a long-ish time, Boril.

Trainer AND Monk emblems reserved for my newly ascended Rana,

Cleric emblems will bring Rigard to +15 (Lady W is already +15, and I have no other 4* or 5* Clerics).

also: reset emblem, yay!


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change… only Rigard emblem is higher now.

The Battle

Decent start…

Used some items…

Emblems both keep stock.
Trainer goes to Malosi.


Did this half awake, my notes will suffer accordingly.

  • On the bench: Viv, Grazul, Ma North, Hansel, Mist, Gafar, Elk 3.70, Rigs 1 and 2, Valeria 1 and 2, Wu, Li Xiu, Agwe, Boril, Jabbar, Wilbur 2, Chef BT, Sumle
  • Up and coming; Sailor Moon Lianna 2 2.21

Apparently everyone was ready when I got to the bosses. Joon fell over.

Everyone else died simultaneously in a tile cascade.

Trainer to Sif, emblems to Viv and Joon.


That is annoying isn’t it! I don’t just mean Vivica, I mean any hero; locking heroes just doesn’t sit well with me.

EDIT: You (one) obviously need to “lock” them, I mean lock them into a costume!!

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@sft1965 @Nightmare2048 that’s interesting, they changed it in the latest update so that, even if a hero is locked into a costume (or non-costume) in Raid/War defense, you can change the costume elsewhere (e.g. Raid offense or class quest)

source: v28 release notes and question 9 of costume FAQ thread

My Joon is costumed in my raid defense, but I was able to change him out of the costume to use in this trial.


Cheers, I hadn’t even tried yet! :pensive:I had an epic tragedy in AW a couple of months ago now i guess and my defense team fronted up to war wth a level 2:xx BT costume. It was very sad!


Didn’t really tried, completely forgot that part in a patch. But okay, my Viv was not needed anyway, Rigs and MT had it covered :wink:. But anyway good to know and thanks a lot for reminder.


Everyone posting very nice teams! I had to carpet bomb and just barely got by with this:

Was going to max Boril and Li Xiu but pulled Kiril and Wu Kong recently so decided to prioritize them first.


This is one of those trials I much prefer my Rigard +18 to my Kunchen +7. With a fully loaded Wilbur I don’t need Kunch’s defense down and would rather have rigard’s faster mana.


I love Rigard; mine is +10 now because I gave him some of them emblems from winning 2 levels of the Trials :radio_button: My team was Wilbur (4/19), Joon (1/1), Rigard (+9 and +10 for the second level), Mist (3/13) and Bane (maxed). I was very silly and didn’t take enough items for my first attempt at the second stage so Vivica kept healing and I had to quit. On my second attempt, I took 5 bombs and 5 arrow attacks and was able to beat her and Boril.


No dispellers for this one.

Norns had dinner.
Emblems in stock.
Reset appreciated.


Cleared the last stage and only had to use 6 minor mana pots to boost Mist and LX to prevent Fat Truck from firing. Who says having too many healers doesn’t work? :joy:

Definitely glad I maxed out BT’s costume though, that atk boost really helped.

ETA: Only Joon managed to fire once thanks to Mist’s incredible mana slow and LX’s mana cut, and because of Wilbur, when he did fire he only did about 70 damage per LOL.

I walked into this expecting a massacre and having to nuke them from orbit, but Wilbur, Mist, and LX really proved their worth for this trial, and for once I’m glad I maxed out LX.


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Team This Time

No changes. Just couple more nodes on Drake, Ariel & Costume Lianna

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Autoplay sorted out the first couple rounds as usual

*Final Battle - Trials of Piety 3rd May


  • Reset Token = YES
  • Cleric Emblems = 64; not sure if I keep giving to Ariel or start giving some to say Mist, Woolerton or Grazul…
  • Monk Emblems = 33 / 50 for Drake Fong Node 11
  • Trainer = Fed to Sir Roostley (now 3-61)


I need to remember to just carpet bomb this thing, and not try to get cute and beat it with heroes.

Second try did it, with Skittleskull - Rigard -Boril - Leonidas - Elkanen. Swapped elkanen in ( who isn’t maxed) for Vivica, which helped. ended up using 4 Dragon attacks, plus 5 Arrows & Axes to finish them off. I couldn’t even get any of them to hit a riposter of mine.


a win is a win! high five fellow Mnesseus-user! :slight_smile: