Max Rigard or Cyprian

I love Rigard so much, I’m thinking about leveling a second one. And he will be the last 4s to leave my main team.


Cyprian is doing his job just fine at 3/60.
I’m raiding high platinum and sometimes low diamond ans he is my tank on offensive. He dies almost on every raids but almost always bring 1-2 heroes with him in death :slightly_smiling_face:. And his flanks just continue his legacy!

So ascend Rigard ans use them both on the same team :wink:
Cyprian will take down the AoE and Rigard will keep him alive

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Brilliant! Thanks @J1Mau

So does Rigard, provided his special is maxed to 8th level.

You are welcome.
I would also add that they charge at the same time. So Azlar, Justice or any AoE are of no harm (almost :rofl:) if they unleash after you are charged up.
If Cyprian die ? No big deal, the defender will be dead too and Rigard will heal/cleanse the rest of your team
If Cyprian survive ? Rigard heal/cleanse the team for whoever is remaining :wink:
And a max Rigard is very sturdy (more so with emblems) so he can sustain some pretty nasty hits (looking at you Liana). That can guarantee, with an Ok board, that he heals at least once.
You won’t regret maxing Rigard and, as I said, don’t let Cyprian on the ben h just cause he isn’t maxed. He can still be of some uses.

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Of course.
But as a healer, Rigard needs to survive until the end of the fight so he heal/cleanse as many time as possible.
Cyprian just need to charge once ans his riposte will last 5 turns. If he and his flanks die during those turns, it’s almost certain that the other team killed themselves doing so.

For titans, do you recommend using mana potions on Cyprian like they do for Wu?

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I would say it depends on the board.
Normally, titan’s specials are AoE, so it makes sense to charge Cyprian before the titan can use his special.
Otherwise, it really depends on your style. I am not a huge item user, so maybe some other players have more input on that question.

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