How quickly does the system respond to war opt outs?

So… I just opted out of the next war but was curious how much our war score would fall due to little old me. It didn’t change at all! Does this mean I am glitched? I really hope not because I really need to skip just one teensy war :frowning:

Opt out, hard close the game, reopen the game, and the new war score should be reflected.


Its gone down now! :fearful: I guess there is some lag in the system, maybe 10mins or so.

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I think that, like most massively parallel distributed systems, the push of some things between the local server and the master database for the game is done on a periodic basis, to manage the flow of update traffic.

It’s the same reason you have to log out of your account then log back in to see yourself in the top 100. The logout forces a sync of your data, which otherwise waits until the next scheduled sync burst.


Out of curiosity. If you opt out of war in order to see how many points your contributing to your alliances score will your rewards and chest reset? Are you penalized?

Nope, the chest doesn’t reset even if you leave your alliance for a while, it only does when you engage in a war in different alliance.


To add to @uvekolarz great explanation:

The chest also doesn’t miss out on participation points unless you actually miss a war.


oh cool, that’s what I was wondering some time ago but forgot to ask :wink:


Thanks for the quick responses. That’s exactly the information I was hoping for. Now I can selfishly see what I’m contributing lol

And one more thing - does not using 1 flag in a war lowers the participation % or does it count let’s say two and six attacks the same ? I could check it myself but I never missed a flag and don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Tragically, you can use 0 flags and it still counts as full participation for that war. I believe it’s because your defense is still fully participating. But it definitely doesn’t make me happy that people who leave lots of flags on the table regularly still get full points.

Hmm but doesn’t using 0 flags count as missed war? Player gets automatically opted out when he doesn’t attack in two wars in a row.


It counts for the purpose of figuring the auto-opt-out, but not for chest participation. :man_shrugging:

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It was a while ago now but we had someone afk a war and say that it counted as a 0% participation for that war, but that was quite soon after the chest was introduced, so it may have changed. Using 1 flag appears to count as full participation… which makes no sense to me :confused:


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