Alliance: War opt-out functionality in connection with individual opt-in?

Hi there,

I have some assumptions…but…

The alliance opt-out button for the war - how does it work, when you switch back in?
Does the individual player opt-in from before the opt-out remain? I guess, yes, but that’s only a guess :wink: and I want clarification about that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

@petri? I haven’t seen this discussed in this detail before…

@rigs, you’ve got a good handle on war mechanics… although I expect your opt out button is a bit dusty


Thank you :slight_smile:

If no-one knows, I’ll test it…but I don’t want my members to have trouble, if the answer is “no”, so I thought I’d ask before :wink:


What do you mean?

Are you askin if individual player opt ins/opt outs change if the whole alliance opt in/opt out changes?

I believe the individual player choices remain the same but the alliance opt out just over rides them

If alliance opts back in, i Believe individual opt ins/outs will remain as they were before the opt out

It’s not something I’ve tested myself, though ive opted myself out quite a few times and even had our whole alliance do individual opt outs to get their war scores then we all opted back in before matchmaking

There’s no harm in trying it before matchmaking

Between the end of a war and the start of matchmaking; players & alliances can opt in/opt out as many times as they like as long as they know to have the correct decision made by the time matchmaking starts


Alliance war score = base score off all individual opt-in players * win factor

If you opt out as alliance the alliance score remains the same, hence the individual opt-choices remain and don’t change.


What i figured but couldnt put it as simple lol

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My alliance didn’t war Christmas Day it was opted out but I didn’t have to opt back in again afterwards.
also if your out it still keeps you out aswell!


Thank you very much, this was what I wanted to know.

@Rigs & @ERROR4 thank you as well :slight_smile:

…can be closed then :slight_smile:


@JonahTheBard @zephyr1

Guess can be closed


I’ll leave it open in case someone else has the same question in the future.


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