[Master] - Hero Level Maxed but Special Skill is Not

:speech_balloon: Master Thread - Hero Level Maxed but Special Skill is Not

Master thread for the frequently posted query/ bug/ issue that a Heroes level has reached the maximum but the Hero Special Skill has not (i.e. is less than 8/8)

This problem also denies the use of the “Talent Tree” and Emblems until the Special Skill has been maxed also.

:question: What is the Issue?

The issue at hand is that in levelling a hero up, there is only a CHANCE each time that the special skill will level up also. This occasionally results in situations where the Hero Level can no longer advance (i.e. is maxed out or at a Material Wall) but the Special Skill has not yet reached 8/8 and hence is not a maximum strength.

This problem most commonly occurs with 3-Star Heroes or 3 & 4-Star Costumes due to the lower feeding requirements.

The second problem (and most argue is more an issue) is that without having BOTH the max level AND the Special Skill at 8/8, the hero is UNABLE to use Emblems.


3* Guardian bat - Max Level (3-50), Special Skill at 3/8

:white_check_mark: The Solution

Heroes who have reached their maximum level can receive ADDITIONAL (Further) feeding specifically to level up their special skill.
When a hero has reached MAX LEVEL (i.e. final ascension AND final level), the hero can continue to be fed.

To do this,

  1. Open your Roster
  2. Tap on the hero CARD in your roster NOTE: using the “Level-Up” button from the roster proper WILL NOT work…
  3. Hit “Level-Up” (you’ll note that the ascend button is greyed out)
  4. Select the feeders you with to use to increase the Special Skill.
Step-by-Step in Picture Format

1. Open your roster & tap the hero CARD from the Roster

2. From the hero card, tap the “Level Up” button

3. Select your feeders as usual :slight_smile:

You will note that the special skill has an INCREASED likelihood of going up now that the hero level is maxed:
-> Rule is that normal Chance is given a 5x multipyer… so 2% becomes 10% etc…


What I personally do when this occurs is I feed 7x 1-star on colour feeders for a 70% chance. I’m enough of a gambling man that I’ll take those odds :wink:

:loop: Material Wall Locked

Unfortunately there is no mechanic in the game to level-up a hero Special Skill while a hero is at a Material Wall (i.e. an ascension point). This really only applies to 4* heroes at 3-60 or 5* heroes at either 2-60 or 3-70.

The reason being that there is still further levelling that can occur… once you ascend them.

If this situation ocurrs, you will have to either:
a) make do with them at x/8 special skill; or
b) bite the bullet & ascend the hero.

4* Skittleskull - Material Wall (3-60), Special Skill at 7/8


Over time, I hardly experience issue with special skills leveling, most of the 4 rarity in my roster are 8/8 at 3/60 and 5 rarity are 8/8 at 2/60… During the first and 2nd tiers, I call it skill leveling, hence give it rapt attention to ensure maximum skill levels are achieved, so far I only have about 3 variants…Inari7/8 @ 2/60, Danza 7/8 @ 3/60 and Quintus.7/8@2/60.
Once max skills are achieved, the rest is kitchen sink approach.

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I have a level and ascension maxed Balthazar but his specialty talent (electric jolt) will not increase. I did get it to go up a notch (5 to a 6) by feeding him another Balthazar. Could this be a bug with the hero ? I tried all kinds of feeding (no 5*) but he will not advance. Help or suggestions ?

Feed balthazar 10 1* or 5 2* dark feeders. That will guarantee 100% special level up with a maxed out hero. Keep doing this until he reaches 8/8


Feeding him a duplicate seems to have unlocked him. I did 2 x 10 reg feeds and now he is fully advanced

When a hero is maxed, but they don’t have their special at 8/8, any feeders given to them will have the percentage of leveling increased by 4x.

Feeding a duplicate hero is 25% base. Feeding a dupe to a max hero is 100%.

I have maxed out Bjorn to level 50 but the special skill is still at 4/8.

Need help

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Keep feeding him heroes until it’s maxed… 10 1* purples grant 100% chance of lvl SS

Hiya @Nandha. Moved your post. Read the op & remember to use the :mag: function :wink:

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