Request: Add way to see History of Friendly Matches

Continuing from beta feedback, I think that it would be beneficial/ interesting for people to be able to see the history of Friendly Matches conducted against them, like you can for raids.

Originally, this was in the feature but was added as a spammy system message, which was thankfully removed.

Best way (I think) would be to add a new tab to the Watchtower. Make the existing setup be on “Raids” tab & create a new “Friendly” tab which has the history of the Friendly Matches against oneself.

Or If can be put into chat say I raid you, only us two can see the result I don’t think that would be overkill in chat.
But your idea is cool too, could work better in a long term way if other things are added and be used more.


+1 for this request, I have limit on vote.
Add history like in raid info log.

I would like a wee message pop up after somone has fought me and telling me who won or lost. Like deadpool won against you or you defeated Deadpool just so can you have a wee banter especailly when your team is 4000 and there is 4600 and you want to laugh in their virtual face that you beat them. It beats taking screenshots as proof and sending it to everyone. I still haven’t defeated Deadpool :frowning:

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From what I read, it was super annoying in beta seeing all the notifications. I think that part was scrapped due to beta participants saying it was not a good feature.

I agree with you though it would be nice to know the people that attacked me.

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True i didnt think about that it could be a bit annoying if there are constant mesages, however having an opition to have this disabled/enabled could solve this.

We anticipated so many videos and chatter that we’ve set up a separate line room just for friendly matches. Everyone is enjoying seeing their battles, and helping each other improve their team setups.


We are using our discord channel for these type of notifications.

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Voted for this, it’s really not very interesting without some information sharing between the attacker & defender. Chat notifications of every fight was a lazy development in the first place that was probably just the simplest implementation for them, they were right to pull it and should have known better.

From the outside, this battle mode seems to be about as uninspired as a design can get: copy a little bit of code from raids, spit out the result to chat, add a button to our profiles, and that’s it? You don’t like the chat spam? Ok cool, we’ll just cut out that part. So easy! Enjoy your meaningless battle in a vacuum, hope you have all of the third party apps needed to make it relevant :upside_down_face:

I really hope they finish this game mode soon, it feels like a demo version of a real function. It’s really only mildly interesting as released and is losing it’s luster already - it’s disappointing that we’re expected to record, edit, and upload somewhere else just to get any use out of it… and even more disappointing that we have to rely on / impose on teammates to do this for us.

Please give us a real UI for this battle mode with features similar to tournaments: just something easy with wins & losses for offense/defense and who it was would be a huge improvement; as released, this is not even a complete idea.

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+100 on a log option. Other than ad-hoc chats (which clog up the chat interface and get overwritten) there is currently no in-game mechanism to track outcomes, which is extremely limiting. Of course there are out-of-game options but people shouldn’t have to rely on that.


If we pick to fight a member who is online. It would be great if he is notified and set up his team real time and fight by himself, not like raid tournament where AI play the game. That could be more fun.

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Your in-game chat or inbox would be swamped. We’ve set up an Alliance fights line chat and we’ve been posting recordings of our hits in there.

Miles better than clogging the game up IMHO


The best suggestion I’ve seen is to add a tab to the watchtower. No spammy notifications.

I can speculate unlimited flags becoming a huge drain on server resources. They’ve already spent development $$ on a feature that gains them nothing in return other than player goodwill for adding a much-requested feature.


It’s a great suggestion but it’s actually a lot of code for something that’s of very little value tbh.

We’ve made it work easy enough on Line haven’t we?

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I agree, this feature for friendly battkes has been long overdue and it is great to see it has found it way into the devs hands.

But it really does lack the ability to have the results posted so that the opposing member kniws they have been beat or if they won against another member.

Another option that could counterattact the need woukd be to allow chat beneith tge battle so that attacks could be discussed whilst in the process of the freindly battles.

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I definitely like the idea of an additional tab within the watchtower that gives the same information as raids but for friendly matches. It’s simple and would be nonintrusive for those who have little interest in the friendly system.

Who really cares who in the alliance has hit you, with no loot reward and after you have used your 5 flags you have to purchase further, this has to be the worst money grabbing content of the game, The only use these 5 flags have is to clean my walking boots. If @Staff_SGG , @Guvnor you think it’s fun to attack your own team mates you are mistaken a couple of my alliance were discussing it yesterday and it got heated. My two penny worth it’s a complete waste of time. For those who enjoy it continue wasting gems for no return.

It is up to you whether to use a friendly attack feature or not. It was requested and it has value. The only issue for now is an absence of history.


Excellent Idea!
It would be also helpfull to see the remaining flags/energy in this tab, like for Titans or even world raids as well as the remaining time, until flags/energie will be replentished.

I don’t know, it doesn’t seem necessary to me. When I change my defence team I ask my teammates to attack me and give me some feedback. Some of them record the attack.

The rest of the time, it’s ok for people just to practice new attacking options - I don’t need to know about it. Of what use is the info that I’ve won 3 times if a player was testing some heros at 3-70, for example? It certainly does not tell me much about the overall strength of my defence team.

The way it is, alliances could make it more fun if they want, ex. setting rules for internal tourney, challenges to use only 4* heros etc.

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