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Let’s go rainbow:

Wu and wilbur = win. Used 1 antidote

Trainer to mist (almost there at 4/63)


Took this no change, very low on these classes :frowning:
Used some healing pots to stay well alive.

Padalin in storage monk to jabberwok trainer jackal 3


True. Since its an idea, I thought, here could get lost amongs other messages.

Anyway, how are you feeling about trials in current version or as I proposed them?

My team last time:

My team this time:

The first time of QoH, and she is really useful against Justice and Richard.

I had to use one time stop to avoid the triple special attack from the enemies.

Trainer to Mist, paladin emblems for QoH and monk emblems will be saved.


Ratatoskr (3/70) / cTibs / Teluria +18 / Clarissa+14 / cTibs +19

Very easy, and I had an amazing green diamond which cascaded at the end into a purple diamond, which I set off after using specials. it killed Joon + Richard


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Other options


Decent on boss wave, all mana charged.

Nice and clean… used some of minor mana and one antidots.


Emblems both keep, no yellow in high level, so trainer keep in stock.


Them don’t seem to be the same for me…
First time without proper healer ,but managed to finish up t

My team this time:

  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • KISS Tiburtus +20
  • Thorne +16
  • Zulag +1
  • Joon +17

I was torn between stacking heavy purple against yellow bosses (Tiburtus, Zulag, Cyprian) or heavy red with good synergy (BT, Wilbur, Falcon). Ultimately, I decided the former was too passive and the latter too weak, so I just swapped in my newly maxed toy (Zulag) for Wilbur’s redundant defense down.

Early on, this felt like a pretty good decision. Mob waves were not so bad, and I entered the boss wave with all specials charged and red and blue diamonds on the board. Waited until the bosses were almost ready to fire, and fired Zulag. Naturally, Boss Joon targeted an unprotected hero (Boldtusk), but Richard targeted the exact three that were protected by Zulag’s buffs. That was really nice. As the fight wore on, though, they began to target Tiburtus and Boldtusk, both of whom died by the end. So it was kind of a mixed bag. The three protected by Zulag were never in any danger, but the others both took a beating. No items used, but this didn’t feel as effective as I’d hoped.

Not enough paladin emblems for Zulag to get a second talent, and I’m not 100% sold on taking her up that much anyway. I just gave her the first talent to try her out as a war tank. Monk emblems take Joon to +18. I’m out of yellow projects, so the trainer hero joins three other yellow trainer heroes to see if I pull costumes tomorrow, and if so, to see which yellow costume becomes my project.


No picture today. Team as last time: Heimdall, Richard, Wilbur, Telluria and Joon, all heavily emblemed. No issues. No items. Emblems stored for later, trainer to Poseidon.


C.Boldtusk +19 - Cyprian +3 - Wilbur +16ish - C.Tiburtus +20 - Wukong +6/7

I finished the trial with only Cyprian alive. Well, riposte served its purpose. Apart from Joon, both Justice and Richard committed suicide in the end. Hoped in Wilbur+Wu combo, but after the first turns i couldn’t charge Wukong anymore.

Emblems stored for now. Paladin will go to Sonya, monk have too many contenders. Trainer to Malosi


Beat it in a hurry with no pic. Team was Richard +15, Justice, Joon +13ish, c-Boldtusk +20, and c-Boril.

First time using c-Boril and it was cool. I know the percentage on his riposte is lower, but covering everyone is great. All 3 bosses died on it eventually. :+1:

That team @Guvnor ! You are a glutton for punishment! :laughing: Makes me hear the song “Slow Ride” in my head …



twas actually surprisingly quick.

Between the overheal from Heimdall & Minions from Telluria there wasn’t an issue with incoming damage.

Then with Tarlak up & the attack buff (plus a good colour stack) the tiles were killing the enemies real quick!

I’m actually staritng to have a lot of fun with these trials, though I really should stop doing them because I keep on getting new trainers before I actually dump the older ones I’ve been keeping for my 5* heroes and some of the 4* heroes I get from Valhalla and Events.

And a reminder that I should consider finding a possible full team healer that’s either a paladin or monk… that I can actually obtain. I doubt Rafaele will ever enter my space, or Aeron. Or maybe I should start a second Boldtusk…

Done. Completed with my usual team. Saved the trainer hero just in case I get a nice pull from Valhalla


Same team, sort of
Took out 3rd Bjorn for C Tiburtis
One Bjorn is now +8

Not bad board to start

And no items used this time whooo, and a Triple kill with Bjorn +8 thanks to Wilbur

In a hole as to whom to level up so all loot saved

2nd team only went to 2nd round, cant afford to make bombs :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im not sure why Joon didnt get the shared damage of 188?? Any thoughts?

Compared to last time, Frida+19 replaced Clarissa+18 (guess where Frida got her emblems from :wink: ).

If you’re wondering about color, for every trial I try to have:

  • an attack buffer
  • a defense debuffer
  • AoE/hit-3 hitter
  • sniper

and of course any trial specific hero that would be advantageous (mana controller, dispeller, buff blocker etc).

Obviously this isn’t always possible, but from experimenting I’ve found the above combination tends to output the most damage even if colors aren’t the most favorable, and as such I’ve completely done away with stacking the strong color in favor of fulfilling the above 4 hero slots. So far it’s worked quite well, and as an added bonus I now don’t have to overthink these trials too much.


Think that 66 point shared from the first hit was enough to kill him. So he didn’t share the 2nd damage. Who did you target with Bjorn?


My team this time:

  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Wilbur +20
  • Guardian Falcon +18
  • Thorne +16
  • Joon +19

Still not happy with my lineup for this trial. Going a little more purple heavy with Zulag last time didn’t impress much, so this time I swapped her out for Wilbur and KISS Tiburtus +20 out for Guardian Falcon for a red-heavy approach. Tile damage is crap for my three reds, but amplified with Chef Boldtusk’s attack up, Wilbur’s def down, and Falcon’s elemental def down, I’m hoping it works. Also, Joon is up two talents over last time.

Mob waves went down peacefully. Took down an entire wave with BT + Wilbur + Falcon + Thorne. Wasn’t able to preserve my yellow diamond for the bosses, but I had a blue one ready. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. The blue diamond recharged Thorne, and two specials from him at -44% defense ain’t a bad way to start. Got just enough red tiles to keep my red trio active for most of the fight, and even though most of my good red matches ended up under Richard, who is strong to red, the damage was still decent. Each boss fired once, but Wilbur’s special mitigated those beautifully. Ended up finishing the fight with the satisfying triple-boss kill from… Guardian Falcon? :confused::man_shrugging: Oh, well. This lineup worked better than I thought it would. May give it another run next time. Could even throw Costume Colen into the mix next time, as he should be maxed by then. We’ll see.

Trainer hero to Costume Justice. No idea what to do with paladin or monk emblems right now. Could finish Thorne or continue Zulag with paladin. Best options for monk are Wu (who I already stripped once) and… Bane? Maybe Valhalla next week will bring me something good.


Took this one change lixiu out joon in.
Not as good as last time used more items health and time stop and antidote.
My timing was way off kinda got hit with specials with riposte not active or wilbur share damage.
Lost joon well early in the boss stage. Oh well.

Emblems in storage. Trainer saved too.


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