[Master] Costume Bonus percentages for heroes

If I have two copies of one hero but only one costume - I have to level the costume up on both heroes? But I understand I can’t use it for war twice - I’m just asking if it would give the reg hero the costume bonuses? I can’t think of a better way to word it - and I’ve confused myself as it’s been a while since I’ve thought how this worked.

Let’s word it that way: a costume is only an item that unlocks an hero’s mutation. No need to have multiple exact copies of a key to unlock a door, only one is needed (and on a backup perspective, the game takes care of it by preventing us from feeding the last copy of a costume to avoid getting locked out). And having the same hero n times is like having n doors with the same lock, you still need only one key to open them all.

After you unlocks “an hero’s mutation”, you still need to train the hero to handle that mutation (by giving feeders and doing ascension on “the costumed hero” like the usual leveling process). Each ascension of a mutation (and a mutation cannot ascend higher than the hero themself ofc) increases the costume bonus for that particular hero (and their mutation, that’s the same “person”). It does not affect your other copies of the same hero (you could think of them as twins, they are different persons, they all need to train to master their mutation super powers).

And you can’t use a hero twice in war, whichever “mutation” of their you used. Same in other events where there is a usage limitation (ToL, CoE, in a different way Mythic Titan, …). The only exception to this is (because of course there is one, would be too simple otherwise) the curses in Ninja and Magic Towers affect each mutation for each hero separately.


Thanks for this. I sometime confuse myself on how costumes work. I think I’m confusing the fact that I was looking at the same costume copy on two different copies of the same hero under the actual roster.

For example, when I got my second Vivica to 4th tier - I suddenly could equip a 4/80 CX2 or reg costume on her. I think it confused me because there weren’t talents on the costume like there is when it’s on my first Vivica - but of course there wouldn’t be since second Vivica is only st 4/1. I was not considering that at the time. I really appreciate your help though and you taking the time to explain all of that. Thank you.

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@PlayForFun tertiary costume bonus for season one heroes is missing in the op in here. Mind to update it? :smiley:

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Nice catch, thx.
I have updated the OP.

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